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European Chic: Janine Voegt

With this ever changing New Jersey weather, from long sleeves to maxi dresses, Kean fashion has been all over the place.

Statuesque and with her own flair Janine Voegt seems to be a head of the game. A fanatic of European stores, such as Zara and H&M, she showcases her style perfectly.

“I guess it depends on my mood” says Voegt about her style. “Sometimes I like to be dressed up and sometimes I wear sweatpants and I don’t care” she adds.

And today is definitely one of her on days . Highlighting her outfit is a glam jeweled necklace, which she got from Charlotte Russe. Her white and polka dot blouse and tan cardigan are from one of her favorite stores Zara. Finishing off her look casual blue jeans from H&M contrast well with her killer boho wedges.

For fashion inspo Janine looks at blogs, but her ultimate inspiration is just getting out there and shopping as all the inspiration she needs is right there in the stores.

Voegt also pointed out that the fashion on the items on the mannequins are awesome buys.

“I like to buy clothes straight from the mannequin.” “Whoever put it there obviously knows what they are doing” she says.

Janine also loves looking for bargains. She mentioned that stores like J Crew and Banana Republic will have higher prices for certains items, but if you go stores like H&M you can find the same style clothing for less.

It very easy to get carried up with what everyone is wearing and keeping up with fashion trends is hard enough, but Janine marches to the beat of her own drum.

“Don’t follow everything that is in just wear what you like”-Janine 

Psychology major currently exploring my options. I love the creativity that writing allows. I love talking fashion, listening to Ed Sheeran, and watching Pretty Little liars :) Instagram: @simplydaris
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