Cheap DIY Valentine's Day Presents


It’s that time of year again. Cupid has his arrow and he is ready to shoot. Valentine’s Day is just around the corner and love is in the air. Love should be celebrated daily, but on this day the feeling of love is heightened. It gives people the chance to remember and reflect on how much someone means to them. This doesn’t necessarily have to be a significant other. Show some love to your friends and family this year. Here are a few fun gift ideas that are affordable and fun to make.

Delicious Chocolatey Gifts

Hey there chocolate lovers! Here are some simple recipes for Valentine’s Day. Check it out!

Valentine’s Day S’mores

It is still cold outside and S’mores go great with some hot Chocolate. This yummy treat will warm up someone’s heart. All you need are a few supplies. Check it out! 


Hershey Kisses Cupcakes

Give someone a big kiss this Valentine’s Day with this awesome Hershey kiss idea! This chocolatey goodness is hard to resist.

Crafty Valentine's Presents


Frame It

Show your artistic skills with this fun and creative idea. Write a simple note saying “I love you” or put anything you want inside a picture frame. Use scrapbook paper for the backdrop. Put your love on display on a wall or a desk for a nice decoration.


Book of Love

This is a great way to express your feelings in words for long relationships. This is a lot more fun than writing out a card.  Let each letter of the alphabet represent a moment in your relationship, or a specific trait that you love about your man. Use fun stickers and other crafty things you desire to make your book of love original to your love story.

Sweet Little Stories


Chocolate and Candy Story

This is a cute and clever idea for couples. Create a story revolving around the names of your partner’s favorite candies and chocolates. Use cute phases such as “It’s an Almond Joy to be in your life” or “You are my life Saver” be fun and original with your ideas.


Candy Notes

If you want something simple and quick to do, attach a small note to a piece of candy of your choice and write something cheesy.  Like the story idea above. For example, if you give someone a Milky Way chocolate bar, you can write a note saying “I love you to the milky way and back!" Sometimes the littlest things can make someone smile.

Have a Happy Valentine's Day!