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4 Simple Tips on How to Keep Your Holidays Healthy

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Kean chapter.

The holidays are known to be filled with cheer, presents, parties and FOOD! It’s the time of year we all look forward to, but fear for our waistline as well. Cookies, cakes, pies, eggnog, and ice cream fill up the tables at parties, and if you are human, these temptations may cause you to burst but hopefully, not the zipper on your pants.

The most important thing to remember during the holidays is that you are SUPPOSED to enjoy this time…don’t be nervous, just conscious.

Here are some simple tips for keeping your holidays healthy:

1) Eat before you go!  

I know it sounds crazy, but taking the edge off of hunger will keep you from “over-doing” it at the party. Eat a healthy snack and prepare to treat yourself to something at the party in moderation.

2) Just taste the food!

One bite will not make you gain weight. Have a sample of the food you would like to try and put it down. Sometimes, it is just as satisfying as eating the entire cake.

3) Keep moving!

Do something active. Either walk around during the party, play with children, or interact in conversations. Not only is it good for you, but it will keep your mind off snacking.

4) Be realistic!

It’s the holidays and no one is perfect. If you over-do it one day, it’s fine. Tomorrow is a brand new day and you will have the chance to start over. We all make mistakes once in a while, so forgive yourself and move on!