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Gilmore Girls walking through Fall Festival
Gilmore Girls walking through Fall Festival
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Why Luke is the best character on Gilmore Girls and why he is actually the show’s main character

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What are you waiting for if you haven’t watched Gilmore Girls?

Even though it receives the attention it does, I believe it to be significantly superior to certain other highly praised series. It has to be one of the best shows that I have ever seen. In the fictional Connecticut town of Stars Hollow, the show centres on single mother Lorelai Gilmore and her daughter Rory, who goes by the name Lorelai but prefers to be called Rory. The show provides a wide spectrum of emotions, characters, and events while fusing drama and comedy genres. The series’ main themes are ambition, education, and work-life. It follows Lorelai’s journey from a pregnant adolescent runaway and high school dropout to co-owner and manager of the Independence Inn. Although the series’ target audience appears to be female, it has also been warmly received by male viewers because it explores the male perspective with the help of significant characters like Luke, Jess, Logan, and Christopher. There are seven seasons, and I must admit that I did appreciate the first few seasons due to the atmosphere and aesthetic they emitted. Although I love Kirk and Emily a lot, Luke Danes for me is one of the best characters on Gilmore Girls and perhaps can be considered the main character of the show.

Lukes life in Stars Hollow and his life story with Lorelai Gilmore:

Even though he complains throughout, Luke Danes is a team player. At the end of the day, he always keeps his word and turns up when needed, even in the midst of silly, childish pettiness. When things started to fall apart, he was Lorelai Gilmore’s life’s rock. Luke, who had spent his entire life in Stars Hollow, took over his father’s business and felt that a café would suit him more than a hardware shop. Luke has fond recollections of his time spent as a child in this Stars Hollow. Luke may serve as the main character of the show given how important he is to the town. Despite the fact that he occasionally might be a little tough, he is a very significant person who everyone loves and respects. The first episode made it clear to everyone that Lorelai and Luke had a special connection. It was frustrating when Luke fell for photographer Rachel but it was lowkey worth the wait as he soon realised that he was meant for inn owner Lorelai. Luke and Lorelai’s love story frames the whole series in my opinion. This can be seen from the very first episode where Lorelai is asking Luke for coffee, from that scene it was quite obvious that these two characters have a unique connection that later on may develop into something. Every few episodes, it seemed like these two were flirting with each other, and after a few seasons, they were finally together.

Luke’s self development and his relationship with all other characters:

We have known from the beginning of the series that Luke was someone who kept to himself. He was quite private and did not even want to hang out with his friends or date. He led a quiet life that largely consisted of the same daily routine: go to bed and get up early to go to work. However as the episodes go on, we can see Luke’s character growing as he began to work on himself and listen to some recordings after realising that he wanted to find love. He discovered that he had strong feelings for Lorelai after listening to the tapes. Furthermore, he is constantly making sarcastic comments, whether they are regarding the food or telling customers to put their phones away while they are in his diner. His sense of humour is contagious especially when it comes to his relationship with Kirk and Taylor Doose. Additionally, it was evident how much Luke wanted to take care of and be there for his daughter April as soon as he found out he had a daughter, he wanted to take that responsibility of looking after his kid and share his love. Throughout the series, we saw his compassionate side when it came to Rory and Jess. Yes, it’s true that Luke has a tough exterior and appears insensitive, but as the series progresses, you can see how compassionate and passionate he is when it comes to the people he cares about.

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