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Alexis Bledel and Lauren Graham in gilmore girls
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Why Does ‘Gilmore Girls’ Make Me Want to Romanticise My Academic Life?

Gilmore Girl is a show available on Netflix that follows Rory Gilmore and her mother, Lorelai, a single mother, living in Stars Hollow, a small town in Connecticut. 

I have been watching this show every year during the same period–fall. It is my ultimate comfort show and every time the leaves start falling from the trees outside, I hit play on my laptop. This show is the perfect one if you are in search of motivation to study or in a bad mood because of the foggy weather. I like to sit on my bed, a cup of hot chocolate in my hand, and watch some episodes, especially when it’s raining outside. Rory studies English literature at Yale, and while I watched the show for the first time, it just made me want to live her life, and I guess I kind of am, since I am an English major as well! 

If I have to study, I like to put an episode in the background just because it motivates me a lot. Rory is a straight-A student and studies day and night, and her energy just makes me want to do the same. She makes studying seem so much better and is an avid reader which reminds me of myself. Going to an Ivy League School just makes her look like the perfect teenage girl, and it makes the audience of the show aspire to do the same.

This show promotes education, which I believe is very important, and at the same time makes academic life look exciting, cosy, and aspirational! Rory demonstrates that hard work is the clue to success. In every episode we see her reading a different book, which highlights the fact that you should read more than just the readings.

If you have an essay due in a few days or an exam, take a break from studying and go watch a few episodes of Gilmore Girls and I promise you that when you will get back to studying you might even find it fun!

Hey :) My name is Flore, I am from France but am currently studying in London at King's College London. I am an English major, and would like to either go into journalism or publishing after I graduate. I am a bookworm but am also passionate about travelling, and also like to watch movies and go to museums. I would love to write about the things I love and share my new life as a French student in London !
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