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Music rings throughout my day, a force that is uplifting, guiding, and comforting. It sparks curiosity, thought, pleasure and sadness, and can be a noise in the back or forefront of one’s ears and mind. Overall, its purpose and uses are versatile, thus making its way into almost everyone’s life in some distinct shape. My personal listening habits are extensive and mostly procured through Bose headphones or the occasional speaker. My taste is chaotic – no style or decade off-limits –, while my manner of consumption is organised, consisting of monthly playlists, lists of albums, and mental tracking facilities. I do, however, have a propensity for updating myself on new releases, of which there have been many great ones in the past year. Although 2023 seems long over and we’re only part way through 2024, I thought this list would be a great way to share recommendations at a time when most music critics or publications stay silent. Whether you’re into pop, rock, or hip-hop, or enjoy albums, EPs, or just a simple song, hopefully, something on my current rotation that’s been released in the past six months will spark your interest as well.


Bewitched – Laufey

From the album that spawned the viral hit From the Start, Bewitched features Laufey’s clean and entrancing vocals matched with a mixture of jazz, bossa nova, and pop, and lyrics that any can listen and sing along to. 

Desire, I Want to Turn Into You: Everasking Edition – Caroline Polachek

Although this anything-but-usual pop album came out over a year ago, the recently released extension requires a new or re-listen. Bursting with beauty, drama, and melancholy, the vocals and instruments are grand yet rarely overwhelming. 

Scrapyard – Quadeca

This one may not be for everyone, but if you’re looking for something more experimental but still in the realm of listenable alternative music that lies comfortably in between rap, spoken word, and singing, its definitely for you! 

WORLD WIDE WHACK – Tierra Whack  

Being fun, quirky, catchy, and witty while also grappling with dense and heartbreaking subjects is no easy task, yet one Tierra Whack excels at in her first album released since 2018. 

Deeper Well – Kacey Musgraves

Laid back in sound and vibe, yet bursting with relatable and captivating lyrics, this album is about growth, change, and feeling grounded. A little bit of country, a dip into folk, a hint of pop and a lot of great songwriting pervade throughout. 

Lahai – Sampha  

The genre of this project can’t be defined as it incorporates elements of electronic, soul, R&B, jazz and more. This album is certainly intricate, interesting, and packed with robust themes and melodies, yet still emulates a feeling of calmness and almost ethereal beauty. Anyone will find elements to enjoy and thus everyone should listen.  

Sweet Justice –Tkay Maizda

If you need to get hyped, need a boost of confidence or energy, or to wind down to a soulful tune, all can be achieved by listening to this album. TKay’s mix of pop, electronic, and hip-hop is creative, catchy, and always fun to listen to. 

Drop 7 – Little Simz

Little Simz’s seventh EP drop does not disappoint, the short seven songs all fitting into a fifteen-minute track list a contrast to her longer album released only last year. Her clear lyrics and distinguishable flow remain present, accompanied by electronic beats not typical of her usual sound.  

Singled Out Singles

Older – Lizzy McAlpine 

This folk track is perfect for anyone who loves singer-songwriters. 

Dickhead Blues – Kara Jackson

A slow and soulful track with an incredible build.

Wwyd..’!? – Pink Siifu

Experimental rap at its finest. 

Lego Ring – Faye Webster and Lil Yachty

Indie songwriter Webster joins forces with an unexpected feature for this sometimes confusing but compelling listen. 

Saturn – SZA

Beautiful R&B track that boasts all of SZA’s impressive characteristics. 

Earth Sign – Brittany Howard

Experimental, cool, grand, and definitely worth a listen. 

Everything Turns Blue – Chelsea Woolfe 

If you’re into rock, don’t miss this one. 

Sun/Son – Jhene Aiko

A serene and catchy R&B track.

Holier – Kelela (JD remix)

A fun electronic remix that can somehow be easy listening but will also make you want to dance. 

Grace Valihora is a writter for the Culture section a the Her Campus chapter at King’s College London (KCL). Grace is in her first year of studying Law at KCL and is hoping to eventually work in London in either Intellectual Property or Women’s Rights. She previously studied English Literature at McGill University with a minor in Psychology. During her time at University, she swam for two years on the Varsity Swim Team and wrote for Counterpoint, a music magazine, which covered anything from album reviews to opinion pieces and artist profiles. In her free time, Grace reads as much as her time allows and listens to copious amounts of music. Grace also loves to stay active, currently sticking to the pool and yoga sessions after completing a half marathon in the fall.