What To Do When You Get Bored

You have been scrolling on tiktok for hours or rewatched your favorite TV show on Netflix and you just feel like you want to do something else, but don't know what. During lockdown, this feeling occurred often, and I hated it. In this way, I tried to find creative and original things to do during the day or night.


1. Purchase those number painting landscapes (or personalize it) and spend hours relaxing while filling cases with paint. You can find it easily on Amazon, and at different prices. Although it can be seen as "not really painting", it is a good way to clear your mind, without overthinking about what to draw or how to draw well. Here, you just have to paint the right color in the right case and trust me, it feels good at some point. I saw the trend on Instagram and just wanted to give it a try. To be honest, it is relaxing and truly satisfying to see progress.

paintbrushes in pots on a table Photo by Sema Martin from Unsplash 2.  If you have more creativity, or more motivation, make several drawings to create a decorative wall. For example, in my student room I made several drawings and paintings on the same theme (feminism) and the same tones of colors. I made them in different sizes and it makes a nice wall decoration! In addition, it passes the time and it's great fun if you are into art.

3. Call your best friend, boyfriend or girlfriend, and go to the market close to where you live. Give yourselves an hour to find several things to gift to each other. For example, what you think is his/her/their favorite snack, his/her/their favorite alcohol, something he/she/they would find funny, something he/she/they would find cute etc. It is a good way to spend a fun night with someone you love!

4. Go for a walk around where you live. I am sure there are places you still haven't visited or don't know. No matter where you live, there are still some great walks to do! If you can't find anything, ask your family, friends or neighbors as they may know a place that you don’t! Taking a look around on Google Maps can also unlock new places! 

5. Use your free time to be part of something that helps people around you. There are thousands of associations, both small and large, that defend hundreds of different causes. Why not be part of one? If you cannot/do not want to leave your home, it is quite possible to join an association via social networks and contribute in different ways!

5. Learn something new. Nowadays, we have access to so much information and so much knowledge we don't even know about! Go for it, and try to learn how to design an object, create a website, or take amazing pictures! Textbooks Photo by freestocks from Unsplash

6. Read. Okay, this may not be for everyone, but let me tell you that a great book is as enjoyable as a good TV show. As I watched Bridgerton (and loved it), I wanted to read the books and they are amazing.


I hope these little tips helped you! And don't forget, even though life is hard right now and you feel like the pandemic will never end, it will get better. Try your best to optimize the time you have, and to see the positive sides of it!