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Warm this winter with the best hot chocolate(s) in town!

What better than indulging in one of London’s tastiest, creamiest, richest hot chocolates this chilly winter? If you are looking for decadent cocoa warmers, here are a few cafes I absolutely adore – from decked in cream to vegan marshmallows and chocolate sprinkles. 


1. Said dal 1923

This chocolate café is an outpost of the oldest chocolate factory in Rome, so you definitely know it’s going to be good stuff. Their thick Italian hot chocolate is extremely rich and comes in milk, dark or gianduja (hazelnut praline). With the melted chocolate glazing on the outside of your cup as you sip, it does get messy but that is what hot chocolate is about right?


2. Godiva Café

Godiva is one of the most well-known chocolatiers in the world and people go just to Harrods to visit their chocolate cafe. This Belgian chocolatier has only two hot chocolate options, yet enough to suffice the needs of a cocoa fiend. It’s super sweet and super delicious and if you’re shopping and feel like a treat it’s one to visit.


3. Jaz and Jul’s Chocolate House (vegan-friendly!)

If you are a chocoholic (or not), this place is your go-to. The Islington chocolate house is completely vegetarian and largely vegan as well!


4. Choccywoccydoodah

Chocolate is an art and the artisans at Choccywoccydoodah truly know their stuff. They also know that art goes best when enjoyed in a central and yet enjoyable area; cosying up on couches. Traditional and yet not too sweet, their Original Belgian Hot Chocolate is topped off with a generous and genuine table service. Although the shop is pretty busy at weekends, there is always the possibility to reserve your table online beforehand.


Hope you have a cozy winter while sipping on a cup of hot chocolate!

A 3rd year Biomedic Student at King’s College London, an animal lover and a spiritual seeker. When I’m not working on lab reports and dissertations, I enjoy practicing typography, dancing, and binge watching friends.
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