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Anyone aspiring to a career in London, New York, Tokyo or any other big metropolitan city will likely have to get used to commuting into work. As a key part of many people’s nine to five, commuting comes in many different forms, and whilst it may have its downsides, these journeys also have many benefits for the average overworked employee. Below, we take a look at some of the most common ways to commute, and the best things about each one.

Whilst walking isn’t necessarily what springs to mind when you picture city commuting, it is a pretty common way to get to work and is full of positive effects. Especially in central London, you can trust that if you are running late or in a rush, you can always count on those leisurely strollers to force you to slow down and appreciate the city landscape around you. Struggling to wake up? A fight against the elements at 8:30am on a winter’s morning walking down one of London’s many gorgeous bridges is sure to do the trick!  

Public transport also offers its advantages for your morning commute. Running after a bus that’s mere seconds away from leaving your stop is a great way to get some exercise in before your work day. Taking the tube or train quickly gets you acquainted with a whole new group of friendly faces as you pile on top of each other every morning. Accidentally clinging onto the stranger to your right as the train suddenly lurches forward is a bonding experience like no other that is sure to fulfil your social needs. 

Driving to work? It’s all positives for you as well! Navigating the city by car really helps develop that hand-eye coordination as you swerve to avoid pedestrians and bikes – a fun, super transferable skill that should absolutely make its way onto your CV. And if the joys of rush hour traffic aren’t enough, skyrocketing fuel prices encouraging budgeting skills and a tight wallet are sure to do the trick.

Whatever mode of transport you choose to get to the office – whether it be bus, tube or train – rush hour is not for the weak. There is no doubt that if you manage to make it through commuter mayhem, you’ll come out tougher on the other side. 

In the words of Kelly Clarkson – what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger!

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