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With Christmas just around the corner, the online search for gifts seems to be endless. However, to make the search easier and more environmentally friendly, below are some sustainable fashion brands to add to your Christmas shopping list.


1. MUD Jeans

Established in 2012, MUD Jeans have tried to minimise the impact of traditional jeans. Instead of using 7,000 litres of water and chemicals to create their jeans, they use natural materials and enforce a circular economy process. This ensures that each MUD Jeans is recycled into a new pair, using 92% less water in the process than traditional jeans. This is in addition to their ‘Lease a Jeans’ programme, allowing individuals to lease a jean for 12 months. Overall, MUD Jeans provides practical, and fashionable, solutions to pressing environmental waste problems.


2. Madia & Matilda

Creating a variety of clothing, Madia & Matilda ensure that sustainability is at the forefront of their designs. This includes creating clothing locally in Britain, upcycling and reworking vintage, and using natural and eco-friendly fibres. Combining both recycling and waste minimisation in their designs, their wide variety of environmentally friendly clothing provide endless options for the holiday season.


3. Finisterre

Specialising in outdoor clothing, Finisterre provides an entire catalogue of environmentally friendly and winter friendly options. They achieve this respectful combination by eradicating the use of plastic in their packaging and providing the options of safe poly-bags. To complement this work, in their designs, the sourcing of 100% guaranteed non-mulesed wool is particularly admirable.


4. Noctu

Established in 2009, the family company creates nightwear for women and men using 100% organic cotton. This cotton is derived from organic cotton fields that adhere to the Global Organic Textiles Standard, ensuring that the cotton is both sustainable and pesticide free, and that the workers are treated and supported fairly.


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