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The Shazam for Fashion Has Finally Arrived

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at KCL chapter.

Drop everything you’re doing and listen to this! The world has created a new app: a Shazam for clothes, yes you heard me right, Shazam for clothes!

Supported by Kim Kardashian West, ScreenShop is the inspiring new app that lets you take a screenshot of any piece of fashion, and will find exact or similar items in the shops for you. Basically, it saves you lots of time and effort. This is ready to revolutionise the way we shop and even think about shopping.

You will no longer have to ask people awkwardly where they got their clothes from, or try and work out where your favourite Instagram fashionista got their outfit from. Just take a pic and you can find out for yourself within a couple of taps, from the comfort of your own couch with ScreenShop.

Some of the brands supporting this app include ASOS, Kanye West’s Yeezy, TopShop and many more. It is available on for IOS and Android devices, and is compatible with Snapchat, Instagram and Facebook as well as your own camera roll so get downloading!

Don’t believe me? Look at what people are saying about it:

 “Finding the technology of screenshotting anything and within seconds turning it into a digital store was groundbreaking–I’ve never seen that before.”- Kim Kardashian West

“The idea [with ScreenShop] is to be able to take your inspiration from anywhere, from watching a movie or browsing online or a magazine.” – Molly Hurwitz, Cofounder

“Shopping your favorite celebrity looks just got a whole lot easier thanks to Kim Kardashian West.” – Instyle Magazine

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