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Lacking any significant skill or passion for knitting, singing or dancing, the result of lockdown has been, for my friend Katie and I… (queue fireworks for effect)... Project K!

It all started with a message joking that we should write a book about our problems and other fun things that we have encountered in our short time on this planet. A few weeks later we had a YES, let’s do it moment; we decided to give it a go because why not?! My overwhelming memory of the first meeting (meeting sounds so formal) is attempting to spread unspreadable butter over my teacake, which shortly disintegrated into a pile of shredded bread and raisins. Note that I had similar struggles with a scone later on that day; pastries are clearly trying to tell me something.

Project K was conceived in the backdrop of this battle alongside many a latte, glass of wine and Americano. When it came to deciding whether we wanted to write a book it was actually quite an easy decision. Do we want to do it? Yes! Could it be great? Yes (hopefully)! Funnily enough, telling people that we want to write a book has been harder - another unspreadable butter situation - because it comes across as merely a passing fancy. Writing a book does seem like one of those things that only certain people can do - people who have something to say, something to create. I have caught myself wondering whether I really have enough to say. 

We are not great philosophers, authors, or scientists. We are just two young women trying to muddle through this thing called life. We can’t solve the world’s innumerable problems, but what we can do is help people feel less alone. Project K is a platform to discuss issues ranging from anxiety and feminism, to social media and the glory of hair. We aim to do this in a frank and hopefully, at times, funny manner. The goal of Project K is to build a community and online support network. 

Recently, there has been an influx of writing for women, by women, and about women, in a ‘what I would tell my younger self’ style, with many of the graces that hindsight bestows. That is not our aim - I don’t know what I would tell my younger self because I am still her. Instead, we talk about what has happened to us and what is happening to us, without any grandiose wisdom of how to suddenly feel and be amazing. We are, like everyone else, just pootling along. Life is messy and it’s not perfect, but it’s not meant to be. Project K has been running for about a month and so far the response has been so powerful. Messages and forum posts about how our mission is resonating with friends and family show us that Project K is working.

If it takes your fancy, or if you have a spare moment before frantically running for the tube (you can tell I’m not a born Londoner), then check out our blog. Enjoy it, hate it, or love it as we try and navigate the world of blogging. 

Project K: https://katiefraser37.wixsite.com/projectk?fbclid=IwAR3r45J_Mnx8fhRtM5uf... 


Yorkshire girl bumbling about in London. Co-founder Project K.
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