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Perfect spring break trips for any vibe

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at KCL chapter.

It’s the end of March, winter is in the rearview and if you’re anything like me, you’re counting down the days to the upcoming spring holidays. Whether you like sight seeing, partying, or you just want to find the closest beach, I have the perfect spring break trip idea for you.

For the party people

If you don’t get enough nightlife in your home town, you might be looking to go someplace a little more lively and there is nothing more lively than Ibiza this spring. Recently a club in Ibiza by the name of Amnesia was named best in the world. But beware a trip like this is far from cheap and you should expect to drop about a grand on a hotel for the week. Needless to say the trip will be filled with nights you’ll never forget (or remember).

For the sightseers

If you live in the UK, then you don’t have to look far to get your fix of history, art, and scenery. For those looking for a more low-key vibe this Easter, I propose Scotland. The tiny nation has it all from spooky night tours, to the National Museums in Edinburgh. If you live in a big city like me, you might want to check out some of Scotland’s beautiful destinations, like the Isle of Skye located off the coast. The island can be reached by Bridge and makes for the perfect day trip.

For the laid back group

If you’re looking for a more laid back trip there’s no place like the south of France. Depending on where you chose to land you can decide how active of a night scene you want. A city like Cannes is located directly on the coast and has everything from beaches, to nightclubs, to shopping centers. Spend the day lying in the sun or travel to a nearby village like Ez to see a slice of medieval France.

For recent singles

This spring there is no time for your ex. If you are recently single there is no better time to get on a plane and have the best holiday ever. The location isn’t the most important, but who could be sad in Barcelona. The sun, the food, the beach, even the language, all make for a perfect pick me up.

Grace Honan is the treasurer of the Her Campus chapter at King's College London. She oversees the budget for the group, and helps with recruiting and onboarding new writers and editors. This year she is focused on expanding the community of Her Campus and creating a safe space for its members. She enjoys writing articles centred around wellness, technology, and uni life. Grace is in her second year of undergraduate study at King's College London in the liberal arts program; her major is Politics and she is pursuing a minor in media. While this is only her second year writing for Her Campus, she has been writing for years, getting her start at her High School newspaper. When she is not writing she enjoys watching true crime documentaries and listening to sad songs. She has two cats, but if she had it her way she would have a snake too.