A One Day in Paris

One Day in Paris: How to See Paris in a Day

Atiya Ahmed


During the weekend of heatwaves across Europe this summer, I finally went to Paris for a day trip. At 4am we set off to King’s Cross station, with the aim of seeing the best bits of this beautiful city. I would advise anyone to go for similar day trips; set those books aside, book a Eurostar and give yourself a mental break for a while! Here are some places you should visit if you are in Paris, as well as some hints and tips for a good break.


  1. Sacré-Cœur: If you are coming out from Gare du Nord station, this is a great place to start your day. This basilica attracts millions of visitors and can be reached by 270 stairs or a lift nearby. Many come here for the stunning views of the entire city from the hill and an array of authentic Parisian restaurants, bakeries and markets. As well as the interior of the Church! 


Note: the public transport system is so easy to use with maps, so save yourself extortionate amounts of money using Ubers. Instead, get a weekly pass for metro and bus use, for around 20 euros or buy single use tickets to the station you want to go; the attendants will help you out!


  1. Eiffel tower: Getting a picture in front of this iconic landmark is a must in Paris! If you aren’t afraid of heights definitely go to the top. Get off at the train station ‘Trocadero’  and keep walking until you see marble floors on your left; this is the best spot, in my opinion, to see the Eiffel tower, though there are so many more! It is much bigger than I imagined it to be and truly exceeded my expectations. 


                                       Photo by Atiya Ahmed

  1. Galleries Lafayette: This chic department store is the Paris equivalent of a UK Selfridges. With shops spread over 5 floors, and cute cafes (I enjoyed the Lindt store which was nearby) this is the place to splurge! Try to find the stained-glass dome in the centre of the store; there is also glass walkway suspended mid-air to get closer to this incredible ceiling. 

                                       Photo by Atiya Ahmed

4. The Louvre : This is a popular tourist destination, as the museum is home to the famous Mona Lisa painting! It also holds some really interesting exhibitions. Be sure to book in advance if you want to see visit the museum, as queues can easily reach hours long, if you turn up on the day without a ticket. Personally, I did not go inside but I took some great pictures outside the pyramids of the museum, and the surrounding areas. Then I had a delicious breakfast spread at a café overlooking the museum. This spot was definitely the highlight of my trip, the scenery was amazing. 


                                       Photo by Atiya Ahmed


  1. Angelina’s Café: Just besides the Louvre resides this beautiful café, home to THE BEST HOT CHOCOLATE you will ever taste! It honestly tastes like melted chocolate in your mouth; definitely try this and their other desserts.
  2. Boat tours

There are so many boat tours around Paris. They are super cute, cheap and stop at some key landmarks – what’s not to love!

  1. Rue Cambon: Find the flagship Chanel store on this street and have a wonder round the other designer stores. The interiors and service are exceptional.