Interesting places to visit in London this autumn 


As the summer slips into oblivion for another year we bid a bittersweet goodbye to iced cold brew lattes, bright floral patterns and late evenings spent still basking in the glorious heat. Now the first few golden leaves have fallen with a great many to follow and the days are growing just that bit shorter and colder. Therefore, to stave off the seasonal depression that comes with this time of year (or if you’re like me and thrive in this weather!) I would like to recommend a few serene places around London you should check out for an affordable price. So, in no particular order and without further ado, let’s dive straight in!  

1. Highgate Cemetery


Now, I know what you’re thinking! It doesn’t sound too cheerful but I assure you this time of year is when it is at its most charming. For just £4 you can see the historical grounds of the cemetery which have resided in Highgate since 1839 and is the resting place of over 50,000 graves, consisting of well-known figures such as Karl Marx, Douglas Adams, George Elliot and others that you may recognise. Of course, remember to be respectful as you walk the grounds, and if this doesn’t pique your interest Highgate itself consists of beautiful parks, Bakeries and charity shops for you to indulge in too! The nearest tube station you will find is Archway along the Northern line.  

2. Queen’s Wood Nature Reserve 


Perhaps after visiting Highgate and exploring what it has to offer you may (but hopefully won’t) be left wanting, or this may just appeal to you more. This woodland area is possibly related to older wildwood from thousands of years ago. For those who enjoy more natural walks and are at peace surrounded by trees, this time of year may be perfect for visiting as the leaves change colour and the many oaks inhabiting the wood shed their acorns. It is also home to an abundant number of woodland animals that you may want to keep a keen eye out for whilst you walk! The closest tube station is Highgate along the Northern line. 


3. Holland Park & Kyoto Gardens 

If you feel like escaping the bustle of London for somewhere calm, relaxing and deeply entrancing then I suggest Holland Park in the Kensington area. Not only is it privy to stray Peacock’s, but hosts a beautiful tea room, various art installations and play areas, as well as the even more enchanting Kyoto Gardens. A gift from Kyoto to Britain for the long-standing relationship between the two countries. The nearest tube station available is Kensington (Olympia). 


4. Little Venice 


Fancy a long and fulfilling walk with plenty of Regency themed scenery to observe? Try little Venice! Located near Paddington; you may find yourself wandering near an assortment of other landmarks along the way such as the London Zoo or Camden town. The Regents canal it resides upon consists of a number of cafes that are located within barges and boats scattered along its banks, so you can stop for a quick bite before resuming your walk. If this doesn’t satisfy you, then take a trip on the ferries traveling up and down the canal and relax! Or visit one of the galleries. The nearest station is Paddington along the District and Circle, Bakerloo, and Hammersmith and City lines.   

5. St. Dunstan Hill


This is for those of you who may prefer something far more contemplative and perhaps, a bit more stationary. Its location stands out for being rather unusual given the dichotomy of its surrounding hustle and bustle. It also stands out for being a historical remnant of both the great fire of London and world war II as it fell victim to a German bomb, thus appearing significantly ruined. The once untouched church adopts its name from the century’s old archbishop of Canterbury. If you can spare a moment, sit on one of its many benches and drink in the thoughtful atmosphere it emanates. The nearest station to this is Monument along the district and circle line. 


6. Osterley Park 


For those of you who prefer more variety you may end up venturing to Osterley park. It is both historically and culturally significant as the park is home to a rare Georgian country estate named Osterley house. The house itself dates back to the 18th century and is perfect for sating any historical desires visitors may have as it doubles as a museum. As well this, there are many gardens surrounding the area for you to explore and spend some quiet time alone in, as well as various events and activities to take part in. The nearest tube station is Osterley along the Piccadilly line.


7. Eel Pie Island 


Unfortunately, this may be cheating slightly as it resides in the outskirts of London, but it is definitely worth the visit! This small residential island sits upon the Thames near Richmond. Its namesake originates from the Eel Pies once cooked at the Inn on the island. Furthermore, famous names used to perform at the island’s hotel such as The Rolling Stones and The Who, just to name a few. The island itself has over 100 residents and is very well known for how it inspires artistry of all mediums and pulls them to its shores as it hosts many studios for budding artists. You may venture there and visit the museum to learn more about the history of the island, as well as take to exploring it yourself. You will find the nearest train station is Richmond along the Northern national rail lines.


8. Vauxhall City Farm


If you are an animal lover like me (although, most people are) you may have heard of this quaint little farm in the west of London. Starting out in the 1970’s as Jubilee City farm it has been honed by its community and residents to become what it is today. You won’t have to book unless you’re a large group and you can pet and feed various farm animals to your hearts content (but please do remember to wash your hands afterwards!). The farm is run by a charity and therefore relies on donations so if you have a bit of money to spare you may decide to donate. After all the excitement you can sit down and have a warm cup of coffee (or tea) in their on-site café. The nearest nearest tube station is Oval along the Northern line. 

So, that’s it! Eight interesting locations scattered around London that I believe are very worth visiting. Just remember that despite London being sometimes a stressful and overly-stimulating environment at the best of times for even the most weathered resident, as well as heavily expensive, it can also be rich in quiet, beautiful and surprisingly cheap locales. Now, grab your warmest coat and comfiest shoes and take a trip out to see at least one of these places this autumn!