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‘Thank you’ is a phrase I say quite often to others, but only recently have I also started saying it to the Universe.

Gratitude is a life-changing method of appreciating all the good things in your life. Starting a gratitude practice is fairly simple. You can write your list in a journal, type it into your phone or laptop or just recite it in your head – whatever feels best for you. I personally prefer having a separate journal for gratitude practices because it makes the process feel more sacred. You can list whatever makes you happy – your morning tea, a nice sunset or an unexpected message from an old friend. I recommend listing five to ten things daily to begin with, increasing the number as you get used to the exercise.

The way I see it, a gratitude practice is like writing a thank you letter to the Universe for everything in your life. The more I focus on and appreciate what I have, the more things the Universe gives me to be grateful for. By giving gratitude for everything in your life at the moment, you can attract more good things in the future. Giving gratitude for things you want, as if they’re already yours, will help manifest them extremely quickly, because gratitude matches your vibration with your desire and puts you on the frequency of receiving.

I’ve found that gratitude really helps me when I’m feeling down or when my day isn’t going well, because it reminds me of how blessed I am, regardless of the current situation I’m in. I also like to say thank you before I eat or drink anything, both to the food and to the Universe. I think this changes the way that food affects my body and the way I feel about what I consume. Lastly, I say thank you every morning when I rise, before I check my phone or do anything else, because even though we often take it for granted, it really is a blessing that we’ve woken up to a new day.

Apart from the spiritual benefits, gratitude is also said to improve your mental, physical and emotional health. Gratitude practices increase happiness and optimism, reducing the severity of stress, anxiety and depression. Daily practice can go a long way to making positive changes to your life. The key though, as with everything, is consistency, practice and patience. Your relationship with the Universe is going to last a lifetime. Since all relationships work on reciprocity, giving gratitude to the Universe means the Universe will give you more things to be grateful for.


Third-year International Management student.
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