The Glossier Pop Up Store is Makeup Lovers’ Heaven

On November 20th, Glossier opened up a pop-up store at 13 Floral street in Covent Garden and it is magical.

Here until February 9th, the store allows shoppers to test and buy products while avoiding shipping costs. The store is absolutely beautiful with multiple rooms, each with a different colourful, floral wallpaper and plenty of products. 


-Glossier's Instagram 

Situated throughout each room are high tables donning all of glossier’s makeup and skincare products. With plenty of product, fresh applicators, tissues, mirrors, and makeup remover, the store is the perfect place to test all the amazing product before buying. 


-Glossier's Instagram 

There’s also many extremely helpful employees around the store wearing super cute pink jumpsuits ready to process your purchase for you. Your goodies are put together in a paper bag also containing a complimentary makeup bag and Futuredew sample. 

The Glossier store is not only perfectly set up to test and try your favourite products before buying, it is also a dream location for selfies. Multiple floral backgrounds, props, tons of mirrors, and a room specifically for taking pictures in the wall-sized mirror.

Get to the pop-up, test some products, and take the best pics of your life!