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Five Television Shows That Can Inspire Your Next Outfit

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at KCL chapter.

With lockdown ending soon, everyone is getting ready to go out again. Amongst other important choices, that first night back in the big city needs the appropriate celebration with an appropriate outfit.

Some TV shows are beloved for their characters, amazing plots and most of all iconic fashion choices. Her Campus KCL is here to give you clothing inspiration through five personal favourite shows of mine.


1. Sex And The City

This show has definitely left its mark on fashion history. It provides viewers with four completely different styles, based on the main characters’ personalities, relationships and jobs. This will dare you to be unique because it’s all about bold fashion choices and making fashion statements wherever you go.

2. Gossip Girl

If these Upper East siders know one thing, its fashion. This show set so many trends for the years that followed, teaching all of us that you can wear an awesome outfit even within your school’s dress code. This show is the reason I now know that headbands can elevate an outfit. It’s also filled with awesome quotes that really helped my confidence in embracing my own personal style.

3. That 70s Show

If the past year has taught us anything, it’s that vintage and retro outfits are here to stay (Depop has made that apparent). Although not really set in the 70s, this show has a plethora of unique styles to aid your next outing. You can spot everything, from cabana pants to colourful shirts.

4. Emily in Paris

I’m not going to lie; I wasn’t a really big fan of the plot. It was cute but it felt unoriginal. Nevertheless, I kept watching it because the outfits were to die for. If you’re a working girl in the big city, this show definitely proves that you can be cute during those long hours. Perfect for that ‘I didn’t try too hard look’.

5. Dynasty

This show was full of intrigue, drama and glam. Fallon Carrington is the epitome of style, providing the ideal inspiration if you want to rock that designer brand. Although the fashion choices in this show are a bit more high-end, there are still amazing ideas on how to rock a suit and how to dress up like a boss babe. Check out the character Monica Colby for bold colour combinations and African influences on fashion.


This article was written on the 14th March 2021.



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