Fed Up?

Eating out is delightful! The company of your friends, your partner or even your own with a wonderful view is gratifying! But there are only so many times you can eat out in a week!

It takes a toll on your health and your wallet!


People who cook their own meals tend to consume less carbs, sugar and fats as opposed to eating out or eating per-packed food!

The joys of cooking your own meal are unparalleled, but when you are a uni student, it’s hard to strike a balance between having a social life, completing assignments and staying healthy! But it’s benefits are many!

Portion control, avoiding allergies, healthier preps but most importantly it is cost effective!

When you are living on a Student budget, eating in can save tons of money!

When you eat out, you pay overheads such as high utility bills, service charges, labor costs all of which add on to your already expensive bill! When you decide to cook your own food, you are not only picking the ingredients of your choice, you are also becoming conscious of what goes into your own meal!


Food-borne illnesses caused by bacteria-laden or under-cooked meats and vegetables regularly make headlines and occasionally claim lives. According to food safety expert Dr. Douglas Powell, up to 25 percent of the population succumbs to a food-borne illness each year to a total cost of $1.4 trillion. While the food at grocery stores might also be contaminated, but when you pay proper attention to cleanliness and employ safer cooking techniques, it decreases your chances of falling prey to such underlying bacteria!


A hot shower after a long tiring day at university, changing into your favourite pyjamas, putting on some relaxing music and cooking your own food and eating at peace while watching something on Netflix!

You can whip up something as simple as a mushroom and cheese sandwich!

It nourishes the body, and truly is soul 



So what can you do if you have no idea how to cook, and you want to cook the right way?


  1. Join Skillshare : It offers short, online culinary classes on everything from how to chop vegetables, baking tips, choosing and following recipes. All classes are from industry experts.
  2. Download Nutrino : It recommends recipes that are personalized to your taste and dietary needs. Not only will you be eating healthy, you’ll be eating the right foods for you
  3. Download Big Oven : Offering users over 350,000 recipes, It should have something for everyone. With a meal planner function, as well as a grocery list tool, you can stay on top of organizing your meals. There’s a social side to the app too, allowing you to see what others are making, hopefully garnering some inspiration from their creations
  4. Host or attend potlucks with your friends. For those of who want to try it sans technology, try an old fashioned potluck. Cooking is often more fun when you aren’t the only one that’s going to reap the benefits. Cooking with others will also give you more incentive to create delicious, healthy meals!