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The 1975 has been all over TikTok and Instagram with clips from their current tour, ‘The 1975 At Their Very Best‘. Let’s take a look at some of their best lyric parallels from their debut album to ‘Being Funny in a Foreign Language’!

1 In this lyric Matty felt the need to clear some things up

We’re f-ing in a car, shooting heroin (Love it if we made it)

I never f-ed in a car I was lying (Nothing revealed/ everything denied)

2 We all know this feeling, when someone goes from your everything to nothing at all

She’s got a face straight out a magazine (Robbers)

You used to have a face straight out a magazine, now you just look like anyone (Change of Heart)

3 These songs are both off the debut album, and couldn’t be more different. Still, Healy hid this parallel in their lyrics.

One minute I was tearing off your blouse now I’m living in your house (Girls)

Living in a house just 3 walls (Pressure)

4 Wise advice from Healy

If you never eat you’ll never grow, I should’ve known that quite a while a go (Roadkill)

I can stage a situation but I just can’t eat (It’s not living if its not with you)

The band’s frontman has come under fire recently due to some comments he made on the Adam Friedland show. Many say that he has finally taken it too far with these racist comments. However others maintain this is just another bit, and reference their complex lyrics as proof. A line which has been especially quoted is from Love it if we made it, where lead singer Matty says ‘we’re saying controversial things just for the hell of it’. It’s hard to say if that’s what he intended here.

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