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Fast fashion is a huge problem whose effects are growing bigger by the day. Now, it’s no secret that cheap and accessible clothing is the only option for some, and by no means is it a crime to shop this way if it’s all you can afford or access. However, making a few changes in your clothes shopping habits will help build a more sustainable future, and ‘Vinted’ does just that.

Now, getting started on the Vinted app may seem difficult at first, and you may struggle to find what you want in the beginning; but after using it for a good few years now, I’ll share some of my best tips and tricks. Firstly: filters! Have your filters set to your default preference of: clothes size. Have the items sorted in order of newest first, so you can grab the cheapest deals as soon as they are uploaded by other sellers. Then you’re ready to search your favourite brands, e.g. BERSHKA. Suddenly, all the newest items from that brand will be shown to you in your size, and you can then offer your preferred price to the seller and create a new affordable wardrobe from pieces others no longer need. A dress that another person no longer wears could become your new staple outfit, instead of it just going into landfill and continuing the harmful cycle that fast fashion manifests with its mass-producing due to high demand. I’ve personally found some of my favourite items this way (all in excellent condition, hardly worn and even BRAND NEW in some cases!!!).

Selling your unused and pre-loved clothes is also an easy way to make money and help with sustainability! Simply upload some photos and list them, just make sure to use reusable packaging to help the environment further when you sell!

Now, I’m not perfect. Do I go into Urban Outfitters, spot a skirt I want and buy it, not thinking of the consequences? Of course. However, by implementing Vinted into my shopping process I’ve managed to create a much eco-friendlier wardrobe where I can simply recycle and resell clothes I’ve got bored of due to my quickly changing taste in style. It’s not about making a sudden drastic change if this isn’t accessible for your lifestyle, but instead, you can do your bit by slowly changing your shopping habits gradually over time. Not only does this mean the clothes then go on to somebody else, but you can use the money from the sale to then buy new things off of the app that suit your taste better! As well as this, you can beat the unorganised, messy wardrobe in an already small student accommodation bedroom – it’s an absolute win-win situation.

Hi i’m Holly, i’m 19 and a sapphic pisces. I love writing, reading, theatre, dogs and taking photos on my camera! I study English at Kings College London and am fond of writing my own poetry. I hope to be a playwright/screenwriter when i’m older: I take huge inspiration from Phoebe Waller-Bridge, Abbi Jacobson and Ilana Glazer.