Be My (Anti) Valentine?

It’s that time of year again when red hearts, roses and cliché taglines crawl out of the woodwork. Argued by some as a commercialised exploitation of the concept of love, Valentines Day is truly a 24-hour period that people love or love to hate. So whether you are coupled up, bitter as hell about being single or just apathetic to cupid, here is a list of the best events happening in London during this season of love.


For the hopeless romantics

1) Get into the swing of Valentines

The Benoit Viellefon & His Orchestra are hosting a night of guaranteed sophistication, fun and dance at The Paris Grill. You and your valentine can enjoy the sell out orchestra in a chic Parisian setting where you can drink and dance the night away.

When: Thursday, 14th Feb @19:00-23:00

Where: The Paris Grill, 37 Crutched Friars, London, EC3N 2AE

Price: £20

(Over 18’s)  


2) Straight for the heart For the star-crossed lovers, a night not only in one of the most romantic places in the city but also watching one of the greatest love stories ever told. With complimentary champagne and popcorn provided, where else to celebrate than at the top of the city.

When: Wednesday, 13th Feb @ 21:00-23:45

Where: The View from The Shard, Floor 72 Joiner Street, London, SE1 9QU 

Price: £45

(Over 18’s)


3) An ode to Keats

A different Keats to the one plagued with seminar readings and essay submission links. An opportunity to hear the works of one of the most acclaimed romantics in history, in the very place he experienced his love for Fanny, combined with a bar (of course).

When: Thursday, 14th Feb @18:30-21:00

When: Keats House, 10 Keats Grove, London, NW3 2RR

Price: £15 (with a complimentary drink!)

(Over 18’s)



For the platonic lovers

1) Drag yourself out the house The iconic Breakfast Club chain has created a night you’ve probably never experienced before. ‘Strictly Come Drag Queen’ promises a laughter filled party-the-night-away experience, complete with bottomless bubbly for you and all your friends.

When: Thursday, 14th Feb @ 18:30-22:00

Where: The Breakfast Club, 1 Crossrail Place, Crossrail Station and Retail Mall, E14 5AR

Price: £25

(Over 18’s)  


2) Going against the grain

In one of the most popular venues in London you can find the ultimate anti-valentines day party for you and all your single af mates. With heart shaped piñatas to be smashed, plentiful plates of pizza to be eaten and Ping-Pong games galore, Bounce Farringdon is offering the perfect solution to your love sickness.

When: Thursday, 14th Feb @18:00-late

Where: Bounce, 241 Old Street, London, EC1V 9EY

Price: £6  


3) Thank u, next If 2019 has not been lucky in love so far, this could be the place to change that. Pergola Olympia is hosting a classic Lock and Key event to give you the chance to find your perfect match or just as equally, a great night out with your friends. A beautiful venue stocked with numerous food outlets and bars, with or without love, this is guaranteed to be a fun evening for all.

When: Thursday, 14th Feb @ 18:00-23:00

Where: Rooftop Olympia Way, W14 8UX

Price: £5

(Over 18’s)