8 West End Shows Closing Soon That You Shouldn't Miss

In most of my articles like this, I’m telling you about shows that have either just recently opened or that will be opening soon and you should have tickets for, but there’s a finite number of theatres and for shows to open, others have to close. The next few months are shaping up to be particularly brutal when it comes to a cull of West End shows in order to usher in a new era of productions and some of them are definitely ones you don’t want to let leave before you’ve seen them. Here’s 7 shows you need to find time to watch before they close!


1) Kinky Boots

This might be the one I’ll miss the most. I’m convinced it’s physically impossible not to walk about of Kinky Boots and want to strut down the pavement immediately afterwards – it’s the ultimate feel-good show. If you’re looking for something that isn’t romance centric, has a wonderfully catchy libretto, and is explicitly LGBT, this is one for you!

Closing January 12th


2) Dreamgirls

Big voices, a spectacle of sequins, and a whole lot of soul. Dreamgirls might lack a little when it comes to plot, but it certainly has a talented cast. No matter who you have as leading lady Effie White, hearing her belt ‘And I Am Telling You I’m Not Going’ will be the highlight of your week without a doubt.

Closing January 12th 


3) Bat Out Of Hell

Another show without an air tight plot but with ample talent to make up for it, Bat Out Of Hell is a Jim Steinman jukebox musical that features all of Meat Loaf’s greatest hits. Even if you don’t think you know who that is, I promise you’ll know a lot of the songs! And even if you don’t, the cast’s stunning vocals will have you remembering them long after the curtain falls.

Closing January 5th 


4) Heathers

Heathers was only ever going to be a 12-week run so it’s not exactly a surprise that it’s closing soon, but it’s definitely going to be missed. A cult film turned musical, this show has a strong fan following already and has one of the catchiest selections of songs in London right now.

Closing November 24th 


5) The Jungle

The first play on the list! Shining a light on the refugee camp that practically became a city of its own at Calais, The Jungle transforms the Playhouse Theatre into a beautifully unique space and questions both our relationship to the refugee crisis and how we make theatre. Prepare to cry.

Closing November 3rd 


6) 42nd Street

42nd Street is a true dance spectacular. Bringing the glitz and glamour of old Broadway to London, the huge production numbers with dozens of dancers, intricately choreographed tap and countless sequins will fill a void in your heart you didn’t even know was there. Leading lady Clare Halse is quite possibly the most talented woman in the West End, and you absolutely can’t miss her as Peggy Sawyer.

Closing January 5th 


7) The Inheritance

The stories of three generations of gay men are explored in this play, which claims to ‘questions how much we owe to those who lived and loved before us’. If you have any self-professed connection to the queer community, this is a piece of history that provides a window to the past you shouldn’t let the curtains close on before you get a peek.

Closing January 19th 


Hopefully you can get tickets to a couple of these shows before they go! It’s definitely sad to see them go, but 2019 promises to bring a whole new collection of productions to the West End, so it’s not all bad.