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Erin Condren

5 Sustainable, Eco-Friendly Stationery Brands

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at KCL chapter.

Whether it is the start of a new year in university, a new term or even a reading week, stocking up on stationery is pretty much something almost every student looks forward to. Purchasing new stationery – organisers, planners, cute notebooks or pens always helps make you feel as if you have your life in order, even if you don’t!

With increasing awareness about the harmful effects of plastic pollution, paper waste and non-sustainable products on the environment, it made me think about whether there are any sustainable stationery brands that I could buy from which would help satisfy my love to purchase stationary but also not have a detrimental impact on the environment.

Here are a few stationery brands I found that are doing some awesome eco-friendly stationery products!


1. Papier

Papier is a famous British stationery brand that started in 2015. Papier has a wide variety of extremely beautiful stationery and notebooks that are personalised, adding that unique touch to your stationery and making sure you have plenty of choices! All the products are sustainable and are made from recycled and biodegradable materials. What really caught my eye was that all of the products are customisable and made-to-order to ensure minimum waste. Along with this, the packaging is also extremely eco-friendly and plastic-free!


2.  FA VO

FA VO is another stationery brand that has some amazing eco-friendly and sustainable notebooks. They use 100% recycled materials such as upcycled lavender, coffee, or any waste that was saved in the landfill to make their products. Additionally, every time you buy a product from this brand, not only are you buying a sustainable and eco-friendly product but are also giving back to the environment as a percentage of each FA VO item purchased is donated to plant new trees.


3. Ponderlily 

Another super cute, sustainable and eco-friendly brand that makes the most aesthetic and pretty looking stationery is Ponderlily. It is a British stationery brand that specialises in planners and organisers. All of its products are ethically sourced and made out of sustainable materials like vegetable-based ink, recycled paper, etc. that are not harmful to the environment!


4. Paperchase 

Paperchase is an extremely popular stationery brand, and it has multiple stores in London. Recently, it has started producing a variety of stationery products, as well as collaborating with other eco-friendly companies, to create notebooks, planners, organisers, pen stands, gift bags, gift cards, etc. that are eco-friendly and sustainable!


5. Heart and Parcel 

Heart and Parcel is a small business that specialises in eco-friendly stationery. All its products are made with organic, recycled eco-friendly materials and dyes. They have plenty of options for stationary and really cute, patterned notebooks and planners that are sustainable and vegan!


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