5 Socially Distant Ways to Celebrate Halloween This Year

Autumn is officially here! The air is nippy, the wind blows harder and the city is turning yellow. The Pumpkin Spice Lattes are back in stock and England has gained an hour to the day. London city is perfect during this time of year - the holiday's are getting closer and the festive season is embarking, albeit a little differently this year. The vibe this time of year is filled with cosiness and warmth to combat the loneliness that accompanies shorter and colder days. However, given the deteriorating condition of the world and the social distancing measures, it is even more important for us to stay in good chi and keep the traditions going. With that intention in mind, I have compiled a list of 5 ways we can still experience the launch of the festive season and enjoy Halloween to the fullest!

1. Game night with pals

The Halloween spirit is all about the community events. So, with an evolved Covid - safe game night is the way to go! Since the start of the quarantine, numerous virtual versions of games we love and adore have appeared online and in the app store, so let's make full use of them. Some of the ones I've been playing with my friends are Among Us (the recent obsession of the world), Ludo, Cards against Humanity and Scattergories. There's no better way to celebrate a spooky, cosy night in than with a little competition and some giggles. 

2. Zoom pumpkin carving sessions

Carving pumpkins is a must do activity in October! Despite our inability to physically get together with our friends, a Zoom carving session with a glass of wine fits perfectly with the Halloween spirit. Pumpkins are avalaible this time of year at every grocery store in town so make sure to pick one up during your next grocery run.

3. Netflix party sessions

Its time to bring the spooky feel back to town and there is no better way to do that than to revert to the trusty Halloween classics. A night time Netflix party or a video call with a shared screen playing the movie are methods to enjoy this tradition in a Covid secure manner. Here are some of my favourite films if you are in the look out for recommendations: Halloweentown, Hocus Pokus, David Bowie's - The Labyrinth, Tim Burton's - Corpse Bride and The Nightmare Before Christmas are some of my favourites! They're not too terrifying but are perfect for a cuddly autumn night in with blankets (and if you're lucky enough, a bonfire). The autumnal genre of film has options for everyone! If, unlike me, you're a fan of horror, Hereditary and The Conjuring are rated very highly by some of my friends. 

4. Zoom Halloween costume contest

Halloween costumes are generally the talk of the month and there is always immense excitement in picking an outfit and a party to go to each year. Unfortunately, with parties not being much of a possibility this year, why lose out on the enthusiastic outfit picking process too? Plan out a costume for yourself. Let's get creative and sustainably piece together an outfit from our existing clothes. Rip some scrap pieces of cloth and sew a costume for yourself from scratch and then compare with your friends. A fun activity to get into the spirit, why not go all out with the hair, makeup and wardrobe and convince some friends to judge as well. Let the best dressed win!

5. Bake!

Although we don’t ever need a reason to make and eat baked goods, considering our limited physical interaction with the world, why not accept the whole 'home body Halloween 2020' and make an escapade out of it. Go the whole nine yards - bake apple crumbles and pumpkin pies, make caramel apples or anything that gets you into the autumnal, spooky vibe. You could even make ghost shaped cookies! If you're a real Halloween stan, you could even go a step further and decorate your front door or window with spooky Halloween décor. 

It is imperative we keep our spirits up this year and not let our restricted options during the festive season get us down. Let's take the opportunity to instead find something to celebrate in a year that has had us all feeling quite down. The spooky season is already scary enough and this year will be one for the books!