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3 ways to remain calm over Christmas (while revising for exams)

With immediate exams post-Christmas and New Year’s, it is essential to get started
early so you can later on enjoy the holidays with family and friends. Here are few tips
to get you started:

1. Travel time: use it wisely

As an international student, having 8-10 hours of travel time can be either: a binge-
watching session or a productive work session. Choosing the latter option may not
be the preferred one but is definitely rewarding. You can make a study plan (a
realistic one). Or maybe make some flash cards. Or maybe make notes on a lecture
you skipped. Basically anything that gets you sailing. Use this opportunity to get
something done which might just save you an all-nighter.

2. Plan. Plan. Plan.

Strategic plan is the key to success – especially since it is such a short break. Map
out when you have coursework due or an exam attempt or likewise. Accordingly,
consider working backwards to ensure that you can realistically meet the deadlines.
Having it all laid out will help relax knowing that you are on track as you start revising
or working on assignments.

3. Free-days

Allocate holidays, for instance, keep 25th December free so you can enjoy the day!
Having a day to recharge once a week can help make the study sessions efficient
and also help sustain the motivation.

Happy Holidays! xx

A 3rd year Biomedic Student at King’s College London, an animal lover and a spiritual seeker. When I’m not working on lab reports and dissertations, I enjoy practicing typography, dancing, and binge watching friends.
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