3 Broadway Shows We Need In London

I just got home from a trip Stateside to take in as many Broadway shows as one can conceivably fit into one week (nine, it turns out) and now I’m desperate to see some of the productions from the Great White Way over here in the West End. Here are the top three that need to transfer immediately:


1) Frozen



You might assume this show would be tacky and pantomime-esque, especially if you hate the original Disney movie, but it’s a beautiful show with costumes and a set worth melting for. Disney Theatrical never disappoints when they commit to a production and this is no exception. It feels exactly like a live action version of the film for the most part, with some new songs and scenes to deepen the story. Elsa’s song ‘Monster’ is simply gorgeous and it was definitely about time Kristoff got some songs of his own. The visuals of this show, from snow machines to breath-taking projections, create some magic to rival Cursed Child and ‘Let It Go’ is the only song I’ve even known to get applause in a show before it’s even started. This is a production that would delight London audiences just as much as Broadway ones.  


2) Mean Girls



When I first heard they were making a Mean Girls musical I thought it was a joke, but fast-forward to the present and it’s playing one of Broadway’s biggest theatres. Another show based on a movie, this production also captures the spirit of the iconic film. The end felt a little rushed, as if it could have benefitted from being at least ten minutes longer, but the songs are instant anthems and infinitely quotable lines remain and are greeted by laughs and cheers. It certainly draws crowds in New York, and I think it could definitely do the same here.


3) Come From Away



This is my new favourite show, without a doubt. I saw it once and instantly headed back to the box office to squeeze in another performance of it before I had to come home. When 9/11 happened, the US airspace closed and over 200 planes had to land immediately. 38 of them did so in Gander, Newfoundland, practically doubling the population in just one day. This musical is the story of the town welcomed 7,000 travellers from around the world and opened their hearts and their doors. It never fails to make me cry and it’s a story I want everyone to hear. I also heard from a cast member that this show has plans for a UK production, and I’ll definitely be the first in line for tickets!


If any of these shows do make it to the West End, you absolutely need to make sure you’re in the audience. I promise you won’t regret it!