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Turning Dreams Into a Reality With Jennie Kwon

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at K College chapter.

As we continue our journey through college, we sometimes forget the true meaning of why we are in school. No matter what major you are, we hope that you can use this profile on Jennie Kwon as inspiration to get you thinking on where you see yourself in the future and how you can start right here on Kalamazoo College’s campus!

Name: Jennie Kwon

Year: Freshman

Major: Undecided Major and Concentration in Media Studies

Hometown: Nashville, Tennessee

HC KC:  What do you do? 


JK: I am a writer for the college newspaper here on campus, the INDEX. I do a column for them that is similiar to the Humans of New York, but a version for students right here on campus. 


HC KC:  What’s your favorite magazine and why? 


JK: My favorite magazine is not the typical mainstream magazine like Cosmopolitan. My favorite magazine is Nylon because it appeals to women in general (not just young women)and it sends a positive and progressive message. 


HC KC: What are some of the topics covered in Nylon that appeal to you? 


JK: I like Nylon because they write about issues that matter to women and the world, and that aim to make a difference. I think the point of having a magazine is to get a message out to people and I think Nylon does a great job of that. I think their main message is self- empowerment. It’s about, you know, embracing your femininity. I also like that they use the tool of fashion to draw people in and ultimately learn about these different topics. 


HC KC: Do you have an editor or someone within the journalism field who you look up to? 


JK: Someone who I admire a lot is Gloria Steinman. She definitely had a huge voice in starting the Feminist Movement. I actually had the opportunity to meet her here in Kalamazoo. In that moment I was just so happy and grateful that I came to Kalamazoo College because I was very hesitant during the college process and just the next chapter in my life in general. When I saw her this past school year I was like, “I made the right choice to come here.” In addition to being an editor for Ms. Magazine, I also admire her for having such a huge voice for women. She is an activist who is doing something about the issues that women face. 


HC KC: What do you on campus to gain journalism experience? 

JK: I work for the Index. I write Humans of K, which involves me writing about random people campus. I think there are a lot of unique characters on our campus. One of my previous stories was about two of my close friends and their roommate relationships.


HC KC:  What are your plans for the future? 


JK: I plan to hopefully work for a magazine compnay like Nylon. I want to write for a magazine company that gives information, but also teaches and gives its audience a different perspective.  


I am a junior at Kalamazoo College in Kalamazoo, Michigan. Yes there really is a Kalamazoo! I aspires to be the go-to journalist for millennials to stay current with politics, entertainment, performing arts, and pop culture, through a broadcast journalism and social media platform. I believe that I am a true journalist, media, news, and entertainment mogul in the making.