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Techno What?! Why This Type of Yoga Is Trending

Why Techno Yoga Is Trending

When one thinks about yoga, techno is not always the first thought that comes to mind. Techno yoga is trending! Techno yoga is a UNIQUE way to relax AND be creative! Get ready to FLOW, GLOW, and LET GO! Techno yoga is not your average yoga. It originates from Chicago, Illinois and involves free movement, techno music, glow sticks, all while practicing yoga in a dark room. Not only is techno yoga a great way to relieve stress after a long day, but it provides a space where one can create his or her creative energy through free and flowing movement and music. If you would like to participate in techno yoga, it is offered once a month at Wicker Park at Rooted Self Expression Center in Chicago, Illinois. A drop in class only cost $15 and the glow sticks are FREE! You heard it right from The Trensettas! Techno yoga in! Exercising does not always have to be boring!

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