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Why the Past Should Stay the Past

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at JWU chapter.

The past always seems to be the problem for most people now a days. For myself, for one, I ALWAYS go back to the past or refer to the past. Whether it’s a boy or a memory about some incident, I always let it affect my NOW. Here’s some reasons why that the past should stay the past.


If you let your past dictate your present, it will cloud your judgement for something that could be great.

If it happened, it happened. Doesn’t mean it needs to happen again. Stop referring back to old mistakes or relationships for your new one. We all do it- “what if he/she’s just like him/her” or “what if it happens again.” Stop comparing, and start living!

STOP GOING BACK TO OLD HABITS OR EXES. You’re moving backwards. Moving backwards will never set you for success or happiness. 

Old habits are OLD for a reason. Whatever it is, stop doing it. Stop biting your nails, stop eating junk food, stop anything that harms you.  As for exes, first of all, why is it that we tend to go back to exes that cheat on us or lie or whatever the case may be? WHY? Even better, why have ties with your ex or continue to entertain them, if you have a bright future of millions and thousands of other potential soulmates? Lingering on to the past is the most unnecessary habit of all times. One ” I miss you” text and boom. Tears falling, car driving, and there you are. RIGHT in front of his house. For what? To be played like a violin (yes, riri, I used your lyric) again and again? How about lets focus on what we have now and appreciate the new things or people in life before it ruins what you have now. No one wants to be in the shadow of their past. Why put the person you have now in so much agony and worry just because you can’t simply let go? Hell, why give that ex so much hope to simply be the “other girl/guy” ? Relationships with exes never end well, believe me, I’d know. 

Past experieces doesn’t always mean New Beginnings

Yes- when it comes to jobs and opportunities, using your past life skills may help you. However, dwelling on past experiences you’ve had with life, a job or anything in between will not open up new beginnings for you. In fact, it would shut doors that can potentially open. Dwelling on the past and being scared to repeat your mistake will close every door and opportunity that is waiting for you. You can learn from your mistakes, but you also can’t be scared to relive it or force yourself to avoid facing your mistakes. The healthiest way to learn from your past exeriences is to get over it and look past it. Don’t be scared to make the same mistake twice. WIthout failure, there comes no success. 

You can’t rewrite history. 

History can’t rewrite itself, but it sure can repeat itself. If you want your past to continue to affect your life, it can. It can repeat and repeat until you have no hope in happiness. If you try to rewrite history, that’s equivalent to you trying to force change your future. Don’t try to relive your past and rewrite it. The history will always be there, nothing you do will change what you have done or experienced. It’s only up to you to move forward from it. 


Now that I’ve gotten my Dr. Phil on, let’s live in the moment and be happy with what we have now. Have faith in your decisions now and stay positive. Be the you you want to be tomorrow, not yesterday. Be with the person you want to be with now, not a year ago. Everyday you grow up and learn from your past, and that is 100 percent okay. 


Hi everyone! I'm Reina Mori and I am a current sophomore at Johnson and Wales University. I currently study Baking and Pastry Arts/ Food Service Management. I am a proud Hermana of Sigma Lambda Upsilon/Señoritas Latinas Unidas Sorority, Inc. I am from New Jersey currently living in Rhode Island! I work at Vicotria's Secret and sadly, I love to spend all of my money there. I have the worlds cutest dog named Bailey. She's an Australian Cattle Dog who LOVES food just as much as I do. A few things I like to do for fun is cooking, playing field hockey, shopping, and being around my friends. A fun fact about me is that I am absolutely terrible when it comes to introducing myself.