Stress Away from School

I don't know about you...but for me, I was stressed. This whole month of October did not do me any justice. Especially for JWU having Trimesters ( I have no idea why), everything always crams into October. Thankfully, I've had these great products to keep me sane. 



1. Freeman Beauty facial masks: 

Absolutely Amazing product! After a long day of classes, work, extra curicular activity and thensome, coming home and relaxing with a facial and some wine is a go-to. My face is clear and my mind is too!

2. The Roommate Book and Adulthood is a Myth published by Andrews McMeel publishing:

After I relaxed and did my facial I read these two super funny and truthful books with my roommate. Quitefrankly, I could agree to a lot of what these two books illustrated. Reading Adulthood is a Myth really made me realize how hard "adulting" is and how much I haven't enjoyed my college life as much as I used to my prior college career. After reading these must-reads with my roommate, we went out and had a blast and forgot a little about "adulting". 

3. Camelback Waterbottle:

After a nice relaxing day, I decided to take out my favorite water bottle and fill it up with warm apple cider. Now, before judging me, understand that this cup holds both cold and warm liquids. I went to apple picking and I couldn't help but start my day off drinking apple cider. I do suggest everyone washes their bottle right after you put anything sweet in there to avoid any messy, stinky, after math. 


Students from JWU also got to experience my little getaway from school because of all the awesome giveaway's we had during midterm week! They loved all of the bad boys that HC gave us and couldn't have been happier! I do encourange all collegiates to purchase these products form above and start living that stress free life!