Recap: Best Halloween Costume of JWU

Trick or Treat! Halloween is a time to unleash your inner creativity and let go of any morals you have. Get dressed as a "revealing" as you please, ladies and gentlemen, make sure you look as "pimp-like" as you can. 

Here are some spookishly-adorable costumes on a college budget worn by your favorite students here at JWU: 


1. Quinn as a Army Alien and Vanessa as Alvin from Alvin and the Chipmunks

2. Caitlin as fan-fave Snapchat filter

3. Reina and Busè as Meredith and Yang from Grey's Anatomy



4. Tiara and Michelle as Disco Girls!


5. Karina as a Sexy Skull

6. Sarah and Kyana as Chic Sheeps!