Men with Beards

Have you ever seen the "PERFECT" beard?

Whether it's a chin strap or a goatee, it has to have the right amount of hair on the chin.

It's almost depressing to see a man with 3 chin hairs. Keep it clean or don't have any at all!

Odds are, if you have a chin full of beard, you had me at first sight.


Don't get it twisted *Rihanna voice*  just because you have a beard, DOES NOT mean that you can be the most Hollywood man in the planet.

It's so sad to see the cockiness in men JUST because they have a beard. Trust me, you're not that special. If I had a beard, believe me, I'd be just as cute.

Most 'Men with Beards" are usually stand-offish or maybe even an a*shole. Granted, there are MULTIPLE men who have not one strand of hair on their chin and still be a jerk.

Maybe I'm being a little bias here...but half of the men I have encountered that has beards usually do not give me that "Bae-vibe" only because of how bitterly cocky they are.

So, Men with Beards...please, be humble about them. Trust me, we see your beards and we love them...but we love personalities and ambition WAY more than that stupid, perfect...beautiful beard.

Here's the twist. I did my research because of course, I still have my fan-girling side for beards and I hate to catagorize all men with beards. Thankfully, (yes, there's still hope) I found some students here at JWU that may prove me otherwise...

1. Daniel Jackson: Senior

2. Ariel Liriano: Junior

3. Leslie Awuku:Senior

4. Gerald Polanco:Sophomore 

5. Phil Sebold:Alumni

6.Michael Middleton:Alumni


7.Sandy Osgood:Senior


These fellow JWU students/alumni not only have the "PERFECT" beard but also has a genuine and kind heart! Having spoken to each individual on a personal level, might I say, I still have some faith for the bearded gentlemen's of today's society. Make sure to say hello to these boys when you see them on or off campus!