Girls Will Be...

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Boys will be boys...Girls will be...? 

Girls will be shunned upon and degraded while boys will continue to be praised with the same action that girls do. The same exact action will determine whether a girl is a slut and if a boy is a "Man". Why is it such a terrible thing when a girl has 5 sexual partners but it's such a great thing when a boy has over double digits? "You're a girl, close your legs!" "What a slut, she sleeps with everyone." What makes a girl a SLUT and what makes a boy a STUD? What is the difference between a male and female besides the fact that one has a vagina and the other has a penis? Absolutely nothing. 



So for all of you people who speak before they think that love to degrade females because of stereotypical perspectives of society, stop and think what makes you eligible to call someone else a SLUT or a WHORE or a SKANK and put it in perspective. What's so different from you and them? I bet you there isnt much...Don't act like being a PLAYER or a STUD or a LADIES MAN is necessarily a good thing because to be honest, that's just nice words that covers up the same HOENESS that's been thrown on to the women of society.



Girls will be beautiful, independent, and just a little wild.