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An Empty Wallet Does Not Mean Empty Calendar

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at JWU chapter.

Has your bank account finally started showing your poor budgeting skills or that you’re an impulsive spender? Well just because times are getting tough and your wallet is slimming down does not mean that your social life has to come to an end. Here are 10 ideas for you to do as a college student in Providence, RI. Don’t worry, fellow collegiates, we’re all in the same boat as you! Adventure on, couch potatoes!


  1. NEW KIND OF CARDIO: Now that shopping is no longer your cardio, head to the Providence Place Mall after hours to work out. Walk around, race your friends on each level, create an obstacle course, or another way to get active when the mall is your gym.
  2. CLUBS: There is an abundance of nightclubs that line the streets of Providence, especially ones that surround JWU’s dorms. Each club holds special nights, like ladies’ night     and college night, where people can get in for free before a certain time.
  3. THE SEARCH FOR ART: Providence is rich with art that fills the sides of buildings. Go hunting for all of its hidden gems.

  4. TAILGATE: Tailgate with the other colleges around you – For example: Brown and Providence College

  5. TINDER: I get it; I do this sounds ridiculous, but think about it. You will meet people in the area with the same interests as you. You want a hook up? Tinder can give it to you. You want to know tonight’s “move”? Tinder can give it to you. You want to meet a group of people that your friends can hangout with? Tinder can give it to you. You want some free entertainment? Tinder will definitely give you just that. It can be risky so be careful, but it is definitely fun and free.

  6. VOLUNTEER: I know you have all heard the spiel that volunteering is a great opportunity and it is awesome to give back, which it all is, but it is so much more. You gain experience in many different ways and even network. On a more money cautious side of things, volunteering can get you into many different events for free. For example, the weekend of November 11-12 you could have volunteered at RI Comic Con and had the unique experience without having to pay for a ticket. There’s a lot to volunteering. Start looking into it.

  7. MOVIE ON THE BLOCK: Who doesn’t enjoy free movies, being under the stars, and enjoying quality times with friends and loved ones? Combine all three at Grants Block’s “Movie on the Block” during the warmer months for a wallet friendly evening.

  8. WATERFIRE: Providence puts on a unique event weekly during the warmer months on the river. Vendors line the water selling food, art, jewelry, and so much more!

  9. PROVIDENCE FLEA MARKET: The flea market comes around every once in a while and when it does it makes for a lovely afternoon adventure. The people are fun and the vendors are interesting and exciting. Just because you go, that doesn’t mean you have to buy anything. Enjoy the experience, not the things!

  10. FREE MOVIES WITH JWU’s UIB: Who doesn’t love movies? Especially when they are FREE!!!! Well every Thursday at 9pm and Sunday at 2pm JWU’s UIB plays movies in the Wildcat Center Lounge. 

Hi everyone! I'm Reina Mori and I am a current sophomore at Johnson and Wales University. I currently study Baking and Pastry Arts/ Food Service Management. I am a proud Hermana of Sigma Lambda Upsilon/Señoritas Latinas Unidas Sorority, Inc. I am from New Jersey currently living in Rhode Island! I work at Vicotria's Secret and sadly, I love to spend all of my money there. I have the worlds cutest dog named Bailey. She's an Australian Cattle Dog who LOVES food just as much as I do. A few things I like to do for fun is cooking, playing field hockey, shopping, and being around my friends. A fun fact about me is that I am absolutely terrible when it comes to introducing myself.