Lauren Lucas, '19

Starting this week, HC Juniata will be featuring members of the Her Campus club! This week's Campus Cutie is Lauren Lucas. Lauren published her very first article back in late September and has continued to contribute a lot to the HC Juniata team. Let's take a quick peak at Lauren, shall we?

Graduation Year: 2019

Where is She From: Hollidaysburg, PA

POE: Museum Studies

Favorite Color: Light Blue

Favorite Academic Subject: Art

If she could go anywhere in the world, she would go to... The Canadian Rockies "in the springtime because [she's] sure the views are absolutely breathtaking!"

Favorite TV Show: American Horror Story

If she had a magic power, it would be... time traveling because "not only could [she] experience different cultures and experience them, [she] could travel the world & explore!"

One Random Fact: She was once afraid of E.T. (but not anymore; now she thinks he's cute and friendly)


Look forward to next week's Campus Cutie, another introduction to an HC Juniata member!