(Belated) Survival Kit Review!

Fall has officially started on the Juniata campus.  To help start off the new season, Her Campus Headquarter sent over a “Fall Survival Kit” to each of our chapter members.  This kit included: TRESemmé perfectly (un)done sea salt spray, NYC City proof 24hr waterproof eyeshadow, 5-hour Energy drink, Cold-Eeze cold and flu QuickMelts, PALMER’S Cocoa Butter Formula Swivel Stick, a Chipotle buy-one-get-one-free card, and a 40% off Martha Stewart Crafts coupon.

1. TRESemmé perfectly (un)done sea salt spray

            This spray aims to give the user “an effortlessly sexy, undone beach look all year long”.  I fell in love with this spray!  It seriously works.  My hair only gets this wavy if I let it dry overnight, but this spray allows me to get that natural beach look in less than 20 minutes.  If you actually know how to style hair, then you can probably get this look in less amount of time because I have no experience when it comes to styling hair.

2. NYC City proof 24hr waterproof eyeshadow

            This crayon-like, waterproof eyeshadow says that “delivers vibrant color for up to 24HR wear”.  I was really excited to use this product because I am much better with makeup than I am with hair.  Our chapter members each got different colors.  I got a “5th Ave Gold Rush”.  I am going to be honest, I thought it was an eyeliner at first until I read the label.  I personally don’t wear eyeshadow, but it works perfectly fine at an eyeliner as well.  I can also say that it is pretty waterproof since it lasted through an intense, hour long dance class.

3. 5-hour Energy drink

            I don’t use energy drinks.  I don’t believe that they are healthy for you, so I didn’t try this energy drink.  You should get your energy from natural sources, not ones produced in a factory.  If you do like this kind of energy source, then it has four calories, so I guess that’s good if you’re looking to lose weight.

4. Cold-Eeze cold and flu QuickMelts

            Where was this gift two weeks ago?  I was sick two weeks ago and I seriously needed this.  My roommate is sick this week though and she gladly tried them out for me.  She said, “My throat hurts less, and the taste isn’t bad at all.”

5. PALMER’S Cocoa Butter Formula Swivel Stick

            I was honestly skeptical with the “cocoa butter formula”, but I am glad that I tried it.  My lips have never been so moist in so long, and the cocoa butter actually feels good.  Also if you look at the back labels, it says “PALMER’S is against animal testing”.  Round-of-applause for you PALMER’s!

6. Chipotle buy-one-get-one-free card

            I have never been to Chipotle before.  I know I have been deprived.  Now I have a good excuse to go.  This coupon allows you to “buy-one/get-one burritos, bowls, tacos, and salads”.  What is also good is that Chipotle looks to make sure that their animals, environment, and people are treated fairly and the customer knows where their food is coming from.

7. 40% off Martha Stewart Crafts coupon

            Now I don’t do crafts.  I never did well when we did arts and crafts at Girl Scout camp.  So, I decided I’m going to send this coupon down to my mom.  I guess the arts and crafts gene skipped over me.  The coupon is good for Martha Stewart’s “paper crafting, craft paint, and accessories items”.  I know when I go back home for fall break my mom will be starting new craft projects thanks to this coupon.


Hope everyone had a great summer, and let’s have an amazing fall!