Your Personal JMU Bucket List


Here at JMU, we love embracing tradition and making memories. We love throwing streamers at football games, feasting on Cheesy Thursdays, chanting, “Start Wearing Purple,” welcoming alumni on Homecoming Weekend, lining up at food trucks, eating Kline’s, and of course, holding doors open for anyone and everyone. One of our biggest traditions, however, is starting and finishing our JMU Bucket List. Both JMU’s campus and the Harrisonburg community are so special and full of amazing opportunities, and we each probably have a few things on our own list that we want to do before graduation. Whether you’re a senior trying to figure out life, an excited first-year, or somewhere in-between, it’s never too late to start your JMU Bucket List! So grab a group of friends and start searching for adventure. Here are just a few items on my personal list:

1) Have @JMU retweet you on Twitter: Personally, I think it’s pretty awesome that our university Twitter account interacts with students. With over 18,000 followers, you’ll pretty much feel like a celebrity if you get acknowledgment from the JMU Twitter account!

2) Snuggling with puppies at the puppy farm: Gap View Ranch & Kennel is a puppy farm that breeds golden retrievers for purchase by families in the area and JMU students! However, the owners are nice enough to let students come play with the pups, which works as a great stress reliever. I’ve already been, but with the pressure of classes there’s always room for more puppies!

3) Take a picture with Duke Dog: As a senior, it’s a bit sad that I haven’t been photographed with our school’s mascot yet. Duke Dog can be found at a number of our sporting events, especially football games, but sometimes he’s just wandering around campus. Don’t be shy…just ask for a quick photo op! Duke Dog is very photogenic and is always ready to pose for a photo shoot.

4) Getting fried Oreos at Jack Brown’s: Our very popular downtown burger joint is known for having a different crazy burger every day. Despite this, in my opinion, the fried Oreos are the true hidden gem. After a long week of classes, treat yourself to a Greg Brady and a fried Oreo for dessert, and all of your troubles will melt away…temporarily!

5) Taking graduation pictures with Little Jimmy: It’s only the beginning of the semester, but May will be here before we know it. A sea of purple sadness and DSLR cameras will flood the Quad as the Class of 2014 gets ready for graduation. It’s a bittersweet time for us all. Even if you’re not a senior, ideas about your own graduation will crowd your thoughts and you’ll realize that one day that will be you! My advice would be to enjoy every moment of these four (or more) years. Don’t stress about the small things and seize the opportunities you’ll never have again.

Of course there are many more bucket list must-haves that I did not mention. As a student at one of the greatest places on Earth, it’s easy to come up with things for my bucket list! Let Her Campus JMU know what’s on yours by commenting below.