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Thanksgiving and Winter Break are quickly approaching, as are the hours we will be spending in cars, buses, trains, and planes trying to get home for the holidays. Whether you’re stuck on the road for three hours, deep cleaning your apartment, or just walking to your next class, podcasts are a great, productive alternative to listening to Mo Bamba on repeat. If you’re not already hooked on podcasts, prepare to be after reading this list:



1. Gals on the Go

Danielle Carolan and Brooke Miccio, college lifestyle YouTubers, release weekly episodes discussing product recommendations, productivity tips, and listener questions. Past episodes include “How to Push Through The Rest of The Semester”, “Life Post Grad”, “Self Care”, and “How to Get Out of a Funk”.




2. Thick & Thin

Host Katy Bellotte, a post-grad, millennial YouTuber living in New York City, posts weekly episodes sharing her own life experiences those of her listeners. Past episodes include “College Guys… thank you, next”, “It’s ghosting season”, “The truth about my life in New York” and more.  




3. Call Your Girlfriend

Call Your Girlfriend talks about everything from Midterm Elections to periods, and is geared towards long distance besties. Hosts Aminatou Sow and Ann Friedman dish about current events in politics, pop culture, and everything in between. Consider listening to this podcast a form of  socially acceptable eavesdropping.




4. The Bitch Bible

When your best girl friends are unavailable for a healthy vent session, turn on The Bitch Bible. Jackie Schimmel vocalizes what your inner cynic may be hesitant to admit, discussing sex, millennial struggles, pop culture, and more.




These podcasts only cover a few driven, hilarious, and inspiring women. If these options aren’t your speed, there are thousands of other podcasts for you. Turn on a podcast the next time you’re struggling to pick a song on Spotify, you’ll find yourself laughing, relating, and feeling more productive than ever.

Clara Peirce is a junior at James Madison University, studying Media Arts and Design. Aside from Her Campus, she is actively involved in JMU's Advertising Club and The Honors College. Clara is an avid social media user, shopper, and deal finder. You can find her at any local thrift store, or making the latest recipe or DIY project she found on Pinterest.
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