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You Know You’re Part of the Class of 2013 When…

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at JMU chapter.

1. To you, Springfest 2010 isn’t a story you’ve heard, it’s a memory — so, you know the real reason behind Madipalooza

2. You will forever know University Fields as “Trashby” and Rose library as “ECL.”

3. You miss the times you were able to drive through campus so you could run in to mail a package at Warren without having to deal with parking.

4. You remember when football games consisted of tailgating in the baseball lot.

5. You feel a sense of pride when you take out your gold JAC card when purchasing food on campus … or if you’re like me, you miss your gold one every time you have to take out your purple replacement.

6. You will never forget the pandemonium that ensued on campus after JMU beat Tech 21-16.

7. You thanked Mother Nature freshman year when finals were postponed, and some even canceled or moved online, due to several snow days.

8. You are starting to evaluate how many items you have left on your “bucket list” and scramble to accomplish all of them.

9. The high from completing so many “firsts” on your bucket list is overwhelmed by sadness from realizing all of the “lasts” that are occurring as well.

10. You can’t count how many times you have flipped through photos from freshman year just hoping if you do it enough, time will rewind four years.