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You Know You’re From the Class of 2014 when…

  1. You remember doing the DNA dance on the quad and still have your neon shirt

  2. You’re the only class left with Gold JAC Cards and you hold on to them for dear life

  3. You remember when Dave’s Taverna (NOT the Express) was still open and you may have even been old enough to drink on the rooftop at some point

  4. The “James Madison Girl,” also known as Sarah Everett, came to JMU the same year as you, and you probably have at least one picture of, if not with, her

  5. You can recall when double-punching wasn’t a thing yet

  6. You still accidentally call MyMadison “e-campus” sometimes

  7. Your pride for JMU quadrupled when we beat Tech 21-16 our freshman year…and you can remember everyone going WILD

  8. President Rose was still in charge

  9. The stadium was half the size it is now

  10. You visited the tiny health center that was located behind Burruss…and then it moved…twice

  11. You probably got to go to AJ Gators Tuesday College nights a couple of times before it shut down

  12. ECL will never be called Rose Library…it will forever be ECL

  13. Ashby will always be called “Trashby,” even if they are revamping it for the third time

  14. All of these memories make your JMU experience special, and you will cherish them forever
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