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Xtreme 15 Airbrush Tanning

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at JMU chapter.

Spring is just around the corner, signaling that time to wear sundresses and shorts for those of you craving style and flair. But if you’re like most of us who didn’t travel somewhere exotic over spring break, you’re going to need some extra glow to your skin to pull off that fabulous look. The solution is simple. Stop by Xtreme 15 Airbrush Salon, Harrisonburg’s number one rated tanning salon. Spray tans, also known as sunless tans, are a safe and healthy alternative to tanning beds.

As many are aware, the use of tanning beds to achieve a bronzy look comes with great cost. High amounts of UV-A and UV-B radiation can cause serious health problems such as retinal damage, increased risk of skin cancer, and denaturing effects on skin cells. Additionally, tanning bed sessions can be very expensive, ranging in price from $40-60 per visit. Fortunately for those attending James Madison University, there are safer and less expensive alternative methods to achieve the tanned look.

Mark Powell, owner of Xtreme 15 Airbrush Spray Tans has been a vendor in the Harrisonburg community for over 17 years. Powell is somewhat of a unique business owner as he prioritizes his clients’ desires before revenue. College students, in general, do not have a lot of money to spend on extra niceties. Powell combats this hindrance by offering spray tans for only $20! The salon is located just outside of the JMU campus, making it easily accessible for students.

Regardless of the inexpensive cost, Powell’s main focus is to increase students’ confidence levels. Many clients of Xtreme15 state they love receiving a spray tan because it boosts their self-image. Unlike tanning salons that use tanning beds, Xtreme 15 only uses airbrush spray tans. Therefore no UV radiation is exposed to the skin. Additionally, Xtreme 15’s universal tanning solution is created with all natural supplements including vitamin D and E, which are quite beneficial for the skin. Smooth, glowing skin is the desired and met objective in Powell’s salon.

Are there any side effects of spray tans? Many people have reservations because they believe spray tans might make their skin appear orange in color. Fear not! Each spray tan is hand done and won’t leave any orange streaks. Powell explains how airbrush spray tans offer many benefits without any side effects. He takes the time to discuss spray tan facts and proper treatment with each of his clients. Spray tans on average last 7-10 days, are streak free, and won’t age your skin.

Powell is very passionate about his work and primarily cares for college students’ health. “Tanning beds have become so popular over the last decade; I try to provide a safer alternative while keeping spray tans at a low cost. It’s not always about the money, I do it for the students.” Xtreme 15 offers several spring promotions and discounts on their spray tan sessions including group deals for formals and other date functions. There’s no excuse keeping you from attaining that bronzy glow as you show off those high-waisted shorts. Walk, or better yet, run to Xtreme 15 located at 1012-B S. Main St. Harrisonburg, VA.  You’ll be glad you did!


*Contributing writer is Julie Serafin*

I am a junior at JMU studying Media Arts & Design- Corporate Communication. I am a member of Phi Mu Fraternity in addition to Her Campus! I was born in Troy, OH and grew up in both Kings Mountain, NC and Richmond, VA. I am the oldest child, the only blonde in my immediate family, and the only one who has 20/20 vision.