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Picture this: You’ve finished studying for the day and you’re looking for something fun to watch as you start to wind down. Your usual shows aren’t doing the trick for you, but you don’t have the time to get overly invested in a new show that’s stuffs as much drama as possible into each 45 minute long episode. You wonder, what is out there for me to watch?

Well folks do I have the show for you!!

What is Brooklyn 99? It is a workplace sitcom focused around a police precinct in Brooklyn, New York that stars Andy Samberg, Andre Braugher, Terry Crews, Chelsea Peretti, Stephanie Beatriz, Melissa Fumero, and Joe Lo Truglio. The show was created by Dan Goor, known as the director of Parks and Recreation, and Michael Shur, known for writing and producing The Office as well as directing The Good Place.

What does Brooklyn 99 have to offer?

I’m glad you ask!!

The cast is incredibly diverse. Terry Crews and Andre Braugher characters are black men in positions of power who are not stereotyped as “angry black men”. Braugher’s character Captain Holt is a gay man who has been out of the closet his entire career and is married to Kevin Cozner (Marc Evan Jackson), with whom he has a cute dog named Cheddar. The show discusses and examines homophobia and racism Holt has received in his years in the NYPD with humor while avoiding mocking his struggles. Likewise, with Crews, his character Terry has dealt with racism while on the force and the show explores that as well, devoting an entire episode in season 4 to what happens after Terry gets stopped by a white cop in his own neighborhood.
Brooklyn 99 also has two lead Latina women, Beatriz’s scary and mysterious Rosa Diaz, and Fumero’s dorky and loveable Amy Santiago. These lovely ladies and strong and powerful, while also different from each other and avoiding racial-based stereotypes. To add to it, (SPOILER WARNING) Rosa came out as bisexual in the most recent season and is rumored to be dating a character played by Jane the Virgin’s Gina Rodriguez!!


What’s a sitcom without humor? Brooklyn 99 is hilarious. With recurring gags like “title of your sex tape” and “Terry loves yogurt!!” and sight gags (Rosa breaking the glass on a door while Gina and Terry scream almost caused me to choke on my snack), it’s impossible to keep a straight face while watching. Plus there’s a scene with Holt screaming “Bone!!” as Amy cries and Rosa stares at her nails. It’s beautiful.


I mentioned Cheddar, Holt’s dog. Cheddar is the best and is in some of the funniest scenes. Plus, he’s adorable and deserves his own shout out.

Next time when you’re looking for something to watch that will cheer you up and make you laugh, check out Brooklyn 99!!


Emily Bordelon is a biotechnology major and a member of the class of 2020 at James Madison University. She enjoys hanging out with friends and family, hiking in the Shenandoah Valley, watching Netflix, and exploring new places. 
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