Why CSD 420 is the Best Class at JMU



There’s some good classes, some bad classes, some “please god i hope i don’t throw up” classes. And then there’s that one class that you know you’re never gonna get into because it fills up so fast and JMU has *blessed* you with a late enrollment time. But out of the small bundle of these classes, the top of the list BY FAR is CSD 420 with Dakota Sharp, also known as Introduction to Sign Language. You may think you have absolutely no use for this class, but I promise it’s a lot more beneficial than you’d think.


Need some convincing? Here’s 5 reasons why CSD 420 is actually the best class at JMU.


1. It's easy to learn! 

Not all subjects are enjoyable. Accounting? Physics? Don’t even mention Gen Eds. But despite this course most likely being an elective for you, it’s an easy-to-learn class that won’t have you up till 4am stressing. The professor wants you to have fun while learning, and makes it their mission to make sure you do!


2. It's Impossible to Fail



In fact, the class average is almost always above 100%. Between bonus points on every test and quiz, and random in-class games, you’d have to try hard not to get an A.


3. You Get to Watch "The Office" Before Class Starts

Like, no joke. Students actually try to come to class early because we get to indulge in some unapologetic Netflix watching.

4. Two Words: Free Food

So far I’ve gotten popsicles and cake...and on test day? Candy. Oh yes. CANDY. For taking a test. Um….yes please!


5. You Actually Learn Something Useful

Sure American Sign Language (ASL) might not be the most used language or something you even considered learning, but you’re learning a new language that will allow you to interact with another culture, and you’ll become more aware of how often deaf culture comes up in your everyday life. Pretty cool if you ask me. And chances are, you’ll probably find ASL much more useful in life than the Pythagorean Theorem, so there’s that.