What Your next Salon Manicure Should Be

I’m not one to constantly splurge to get my nails done. Going to get a fresh manicure often gets expensive, only to have your nails chip within a week. If you’re like me and just like to treat yourself to manicure every now and then, your go-to manicure polish should be gel!



Gel nail polish is the absolute best, the main reason being that it lasts really long. Salon experts will say it lasts about two weeks. In my own experience, it could last even longer, but the color will start to grow out as your nails get longer.


Some other things to know about gel manicures is the price. Salons will typically charge between $35 and $45. This is obviously more expensive than your basic manicure, but still so worth it considering how long it lasts.


Another thing to know is that it is not healthy for your nails. Gel polish requires a few layers of paint. It will last at least two weeks, and getting the gel polish off typically requires a trip back to the salon where the manicure specialist can let your nails soak in cotton balls dipped in nail polish remover for about 10 minutes, before scraping the remains of the gel away. After the whole process is done, your nails are not going to look their best. After getting gel polish removed, it’s a good idea to give your nails a break. Aside from all that I’d still say its the best way to go!


There you have it! Skip the regular manicure and try gel next time.