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What It’s Really Like Living With Random Roommates

To some people, living with three complete strangers sounds like a nightmare. I get it, your new roommates could be crazy, annoying, or worse, they could blast Nickelback 24/7. Whether you had no other choice or just wanted to meet new people, living with random roommates is all about what you make of it. So, here are four of the biggest things to know about living with random roommates:

1. Get Rid of All Your Expectations

We’re all human. As soon you learn your roommates’ names, you head over to Instagram and Facebook and stalk your little heart away. Even though we all want to jump to conclusions based on what we see during our ill-fated stalking sessions, usually the persona someone puts out on social media is nothing like who they actually are as a person. So log off of your roommate’s boyfriend’s friend’s grandma’s Facebook page and wait until you actually meet them to make your judgments.


2. Don’t Go in Expecting Friendship Right Away

Let me tell you, this isn’t easy. I mean, how are you supposed to share an apartment with three other girls without being BFFs!? Honestly, it’s better to initially go into the situation striving only for living in harmony within your new, shared environment. In my experience, friendships can naturally begin to arise after you’ve adjusted to living together and sharing your space.


3. Communication is SO Important

Even if you aren’t best friends, still talk to your roommates! Ask them how their day was, what their favorite TV show is, or literally anything. You don’t have to tell them your life story, but opening up a line of communication with them is important when more serious issues arise. Or when you accidentally mix in your old, crusty, dirty dishes with the already clean ones in the dishwasher because you didn’t communicate with your roommate to ask if she ran it already. (Yes, this happened to me the other day and it was tragic.)


4. It May Not Be All Rainbows and Butterflies

Just like the chances of getting great roommates, there’s a chance you’ll get not-so-great roommates. Don’t let that define you or bring you down. What defines you is the way you respond to your situation. So, if you have the choice between letting your roommates ruin your year or making the best of it (no matter how difficult it may be), always go with the latter. Even if you’re unhappy, just know that everything will pay off in the end when you can look back at your experience and know it made you a stronger person.

Overall, even though living with random roommates can seem scary, in reality, it isn’t at all. Within no time, those “strangers” living with you aren’t even strangers anymore, and who knows, they could even turn out to be your friends! Sure, it’s inevitable that they’ll annoy you sometimes by eating your food or not doing their dishes, but so would your best friends if you were living with them. While none of us may be as lucky with our roommates as Jess was on New Girl, the most important thing is that you know you made the right decision for you.

Sarah Houtchens is in the class of '20 at JMU studying Media Arts and Design with a concentration in Journalism. She loves inspirational quotes and is in constant search of the world's best guacamole.
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