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What It’s Like Caring for a TV Show No One Talks About Anymore

This list can also apply to caring for an unpopular or a cancelled show or an old movie! Here are the pros and cons (mainly cons, unfortunately).


1. You’ve memorized quotes from the show and reference them at perfect times, yet no one appreciates the


2. You’re so obsessed that you endlessly search for Tumblr and/or Instagram fan accounts that actively post about it, but only find abandoned pages


3. You keep a close relationship with someone because they’re the only person you know who enjoys the show as much as you do, even if you don’t like them as a person that much anymore.




4. You try to mention the show to new friends, asking them to watch it, but they only reply with things like “I’ve only seen like two episodes” or “Wow I haven’t thought about that show since like Middle School”




5. You make a password related to the show because you just KNOW that no one will be able to figure it out




6. You hope over and over again that whatever platform it’s on (Netflix, Hulu, etc.) that the owners will have mercy and never EVER remove it



7. You try to look up when this particular show was popular and wondering what were you doing during this precious time



8. Reverting back to re-watching the show over and over again because no other show compares


9. And lastly…you feel a tear shed when you find the full DVD set of the show at a Thrift Shop in the middle of nowhere

Sofi Portillo (pronounced SOH-fee por-TEE-yoh) is an undergraduate student majoring in Psychology and minoring in Family Studies at James Madison University. She was born and raised in Northern Virginia, but stays true to her family background. From what she knows, all of her family comes from a beautiful country in Central America called El Salvador. Sofi is able to speak, write, and read in both Spanish and English, however, she has taken Latin and American Sign Language classes in the past. Right now, she is learning Italian and hopes to travel there one day. Sofi enjoys playing the guitar and has taken guitar classes in school from 8th grade to 12th grade. She also loves listening to all sorts of music, both live and recorded. She even has her own radio show on WXJM-FM Harrisonburg. Currently, her show "Just Go With It!" plays every Saturday from 4 pm to 6pm, where she plays indie music with her cohosts. If see her around campus, say hello!
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