What I'm Looking Forward To My First Summer After Freshman Year

As the season's change, and it starts to get warmer. The thought of summer is on all of our minds. Each summer holds different feelings and memories, and I am excited to have a whole new experience this coming May.

I have loved every moment of my first year at JMU. Of course, there have been some low moments, but I don’t resent them because simultaneously I was meeting amazing people, discovering the Baja Queso bowl at Freshens, and taking classes that caused me to think in ways I hadn’t before.

I am slightly sad to see my first year to come to an end (and terrified of my class schedule next semester). However, I could not be more excited to return home and enjoy the summer vibes.


1. Working

Surprisingly, I am excited to work this some. After two semesters of late night delivery from Jack Browns and countless Ubers, I am running dangerously low on funds. I am excited to make some cash over the summer and start saving up so one day I can pay off my loans!

2. Seeing all my high school friends!

I can’t wait to catch up with my old besties and see how everyone’s first year out of high school was. Hopefully, there is lots of tea to be spilled and lots of good memories to be made!

3. Summer Drives

I miss driving so much. There is no better feeling than rolling down all your windows, playing some summer jams, and just cruising. Looking forward to having my car next semester!

4. Taking time to relax

Between classes, studying, extracurriculars, and squeezing in time for friends, I am sure we all feel like we’ve been constantly running around these past months. I encourage everyone to take a bath! Read a book! Sleep in until 2 pm! Whatever you need to do to feel peaceful. I am hoping to be able to start making art and snuggle with my cat.

These are just a handful of the things I am looking forward to about the summer, but I can’t wait to be able to take the time to enjoy them over our break.  Let’s just make it through these next 4 weeks!