What GRL PWR Means to Me

Growing up as the youngest sibling with 3 older sisters, I've witnessed a lot of Girl Power in my time. Girl Power isn't just a cute saying to motivate girls, it is a mantra that every woman should live by!

Girl Power means to be:

1. Confident

You should be confident in everything that you do and say because being unapologetically yourself is better than trying to be something you're not.

2. Independent

Women are capable to do things all by themselves, and they should never feel like they have to rely on anything or anyone to follow their dreams.

3. Strong

Women are strong individuals! Not only do we have freaking babies, but we handle pain way better than men, and are emotionally and physically strong AF!

4. Beautiful

Women are beautiful inside and out!! Having a beautiful soul and treating everyone with kindness is the best beauty you can have!

5. Intelligent

Women are smart, mature, and give the absolute best advice! Having Girl Power can also just mean showing off your intelligence and being yourself!


All of these traits are what embody a female that's got some serious GIRL POWER! Show off your girl power and never be afraid to show the world the real you!!