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Virginia Colleges as Disney Princesses

1. Rapunzel as James Madison University

Like Rapunzel, James Madison is very creative and spirited. Home to many arts majors, like theatre and dance, Rapunzel would fit right in at JMU with all of the enthusiastic students who have a deep love for their school!


2. Belle as the College of William and Mary

Belle always has her nose stuck in a book, and so do the students at William and Mary. Both intelligent and traditional, a classic Disney princess like Belle is a perfect fit for the Williamsburg college!


3. Mulan as Virginia Tech

Mulan has a fierce personality and an undying support for her people, much like the students at tech. They are enthusiastic about their sports teams, and they are also one of the larger schools in Virginia. Students are supportive of each other and willing to do most anything to support their school.


4. Cinderella as the University of Mary Washington

Another classic princess, UMW was originally an all women’s school until it was updated years later. Sophisticated, loyal and kind, Cinderella showed that a girl can do anything she wants if she just believed in herself.  This school is definitely on the smaller side, but doesn’t lack in spirit and dedication…much like Cinderella!


5. Ariel as Old Dominion University

One of the only schools near the beach in Virginia, ODU is a classic example of princess Ariel. Both are extroverted, spirited and very curious. The students at ODU love to have a good time. Being so close to water is also a plus for both beach goers and mermaids alike.


6. Merida as Virginia Commonwealth University

Last but not least is VCU. Merida is brave to put it in simple terms, but also unconventional, much like VCU. The school has unique ways of doing things and isn’t much like your average college. Both Merida and VCU will fight for what they believe in and settle for nothing less.

I am an English major obsessed with fashion, iced coffee, and Disney movies. You can most likely find me in a coffee shop editing on my computer, or taking #OOTD pics for my instagram.
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